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G25 vs. G27 in GSC

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Patrick Giranthon, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hi.
    I have just recevied my new G27.
    After some tests, I have two conclusions that disapoint me.

    1- on the straight lines, the G25 has vibrations. The G27 has not (unless you start to turn the wheel)...
    2- the FFB is really stronger on the G25.

    These two points make the game really more realistic on the G25. I have to precise that the conditions were exactly the same : FFB to full, strenght to -100. Drivers : Logitech v5.10.
    If I put the strenght at 101% or more in the g27 settings, the car is undrivable.
    Any solution? Any modification in the controler.ini???

    Many Thanks for your help.
  2. In fact, after many tests, the G25 has a better feeling with a stronger FFB. I really feel the road, even if the G27 is a great wheel.
    On the forums, many people take about the "smoothy' aspect of the G27.
    Now I know what it means.
    It is only because I can compare the two models that I can notice the difference. The G27 is a good wheel.
    For this game, the G25 is just better...
  3. A friend of mine has made the same test, but with Race07 and his own wheels.
    Same conclusion : FFB is lower and there are less feeling details with the G27...
  4. what game?
  5. Did u uninstall and reinstall drivers when switching wheels? I would
  6. TBH I thought the exact same thing when I raced around a friends with his G27, it seemed so loose compared to my G25. I just thought it must have been the settings. Perhaps not ! ;)
  7. Maybe this feeling has something to do with the new helical gears used by the G27 ?
  8. I have the same speed with a shitty wheel vs g27 especially in gsc
  9. Have you tried CRTL7 and CRTL9?
  10. Looking at the controller files, I see G25 and G27 files look exactly the same.
    Why not try editing some of the settings in there?
  11. Simply put, the G25 have a stronger motor/FFB than G27. If you can grab a 25 still working at ebay or similar, get it. Extra buttons aren't worth the FFB strength loss on the 27. Logitech made a step back in this particular case, IMO.
  12. Strange, my whole house shakes when driving rf2 with the g27, try that sim for a test please? Would be interesting to hear the response.
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