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G25 Settings

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Steve Jones, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Hi

    I would really like to know what your settings are in Windows and ingame for the G25. I'm struggling to find a configuration i'm comfortable with.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Well, maybe not the answer what you are looking for, but when i had it my setup was:
    At Windows:
    - turn off FF
    - set up centering spring to 135% strength
    - wheel roataion to 180 degrees

    - turn off FF

    That was the best for me. Yeah, i know, i killed all those nice force feedback effects.... :)
  3. Thats interesting m8

    I used to race Nascar 2003 without FF because i could never really understand what it was trying to tell me. Over the years playing GTR etc i've adjusted to the FF but i'm still not happy.

    I like the idea of putting the centre spring up - at least that way you dont have a loose wheel.

    I will try it and see how i get on.
  4. The FF output from the game should, if it's done properly, act as a centering spring - If you want to take full advantage of the FF system in a given game, you should have it set to 0%. You can have it on to suppliment the FF, but I'm personally against the idea as I prefer the idea of getting exactly what the game is telling me.

    Spring effect strength and damper effect strength should be set to 0% - they're more there for compatability with old games than anything else. Your global effects strength though should be set to 101% due to a tiny glitch in the drivers; you'll get slightly more nuanced FF that way.

    As for steering wheel rotation, I've done a bit of research on this recently and come up with a few things:

    (2 x [Max] Steering Lock) x Steer Ratio = Rotation

    Rotation/(2 x Steer Ratio) = Steering Lock

    Ratio = Rotation/(2 x Steering Lock)

    If you want to emulate the car you're driving 1:1, you need to know it's steering ratio. A road going BMW E46 has a ratio of 15.4:1 (3 turns), I happen to know, so:

    1080/(2 x 19.6) = 35.0 ideal lock, if we had a 1080 degree wheel.

    'Wrapping' this to a maximum allowed lock (thanks Simbin! :/) of 23, the ideal rotation would be:

    2 x 23 x 15.4 = 708.4 ideal rotation.

    If you just want roughly the right feel for GT/Touring cars, then start off with 540/23 and if that's too snappy, go to 640-680 or so. If the rotation of the in-game wheel is set, to, say, 270 degrees, you can use the equations above to work out the ideal steering lock value for that rotation. :)

    Hope that helped.
  5. Thanks Jamie, thats very helpful m8.

    I know its all down to personal preference but it nice to know what other guys are doing.

    I'll see how i get on.
  6. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    Just interested, where did you get that from mate ?
  7. A lot of googling - that's the hardest thing to find out.

    It's a case of having to settle for roughly the right feel for WTCC/F3000/FBMW cars, by observing onboard footage and noting when they hit the lockstops and scaling that down accordingly to match the 23 degree limit.

    I have, though, managed to alter the rotation of the in-game wheel, but only in the offline version where the files (*.inccar) are accessible. It might work with the online one but it could cause mismatches. It's all a bit smoke-and-mirrors, it'd be much easier if they just gave us a damn option.

    If you're wondering what rotation the in-game wheel uses by default btw, WTCC cars use 242 and the F3K/FBMW/Radicals use 195. Interestingly both the Radicals and the Caterhams' steering lock value goes way up to 38 with that tiny wheel rotation which looks just a little bit more than silly on the road.
  8. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    Ok , well I have an E46 sitting outside thats all :)

    My own guestimates are as following.

    From what I can see with a crude protractor, I have around 35 degrees angle on the road wheels and around 990 degrees of lock.

    That in theory should roughly equate to 900/32 and 450/16 and 270/10 etc etc
  9. Sorry guys, I hate to bring this back from the dead but how do you guys change between 900 degrees and 540 degrees of setting in between changing cars? Is there any other way other than quitting the game and going into the logitech profiler to make the changes and then re-launching the game again?

    I'm usually online so it's a different car every race, would suck to quit the game everytime i wanted to make a change.
  10. Unfortunately not, you can Alt-Tab and change the rotation which saves restarting the game.
  11. I know its an old thread, someone may like this info tho

    I wanted to have seperate startups for Race 07 so I could set set the wingman profiler to different degrees for different cars...

    So I copied the Race07.EXE file to the desktop,
    I renamed it Formula07.exe then moved it back into the Race 07 Directory, I then did did the same again naming it RadCat07.exe and again Naming it OldSchool.exe

    I then went into the Logitech Profiler created "new profile" and selected the Formula07.exe and gave it a rotation of 420 deg
    RadCat07.exe and gave it a rotation of 792 deg
    Oldschool.exe and gave it a rotation of 900 deg

    I then made a folder and put shortcuts to each exe file, I now open that folder and decide which type of car I am going to drive and use that shortcut to start the game..
    eg If I want to drive formula3000 I select Formula07.exe which launches the game with 420 deg steering or if I want to drive the caterham i use the RadCat.exe to launch the game and I have 792 deg rotation [​IMG]

    I also had to go into nvidia control panel and set up graphics profile the way I like it for each exe file