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G25 sequential shifter jumps gear back??

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Appie Kuipers, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Hi Guy's, having trouble using sequential shifting with my G25! It jumps constantly a gear back!
    Any idea how this can be solved? Thanks for your kind support, very appriciated........Appie.
  2. Well if no one else will help I'll jump in.
    Just to be sure, is it every gear change it goes the opposite direction? If it is than obviously you have to change the button mapping to be proper (pull towards you to shift up, push away to shift down).
    Can we get those details from you, or maybe just a bit more information before we jump right into any bigger problems you might be having with it. :)
  3. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    It almost sounds like a sticky button on the downshift side. Might want to have a look into that.
  4. For example: I shift into 5e after a short moment it jumps back to 4e. This happens with all, so driving in second it jumps into 1e, driving in 3e it jumps back to 2e! This happens with all gears I shift in, inother words it does'nt holt te gear I want, this happens after some 5 to 10 seconds. Hope this make the problem a bit more clear?
    Thanks for your support!!!!
  5. I had this issue once and it only happened in rFactor :O I tried altering the double shift sensing in the player.ini but in the end I could only cure it with a re-install (all very odd).

    If this is happening in all sims I would say its a sticking button, but knowing how the shifter works, that seems unlikely.....

    More information please :)
  6. In GPL I have the problem, so I think there something wrong in the shifter, H-pattern works ok!
  7. Problem solved, sprayed the shifter inside with siliconspray, for now it works ok again.
    Thanks for your(s) support.
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