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G25 moddin is it possible to..

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Chris Knight, May 11, 2011.

  1. Ok I have a Sli-M and a few buttons and rotaries already on my wheel but the round wheel really doesnt cut it with F1. So Ive looked around for a cheap "open wheel" type wheel but cant really find any within my price range (or the wife killing me range). So I was wondering if it is possible to actualy cut the G25 wheel and add some sort of box to square off the top and part of bottom to make it more F1 like. If not does anyone know were to get a wheel for around £50 or less (or i may be killed)

  2. Hi Chris. If your thinking of doing this much work to your existing wheel then you might want to look out for a Joytech Williams PS2 wheel (look out for the one with four paddles). These can be picked up very cheaply (£10 - £30) on eBay.

    This is a first class wheel but would need modifying to fit the G25, possibly even by utilising the Joytech release connector to allow the wheel to be removed. The buttons operate by a capacitive effect, similar to a PC keyboard, and have a printed circuit board underneath. These would need to be replaced by standard small switches as it would probably be a nightmare attempting to use the original pcb.

    A good bit of work required but it would be a cracking wheel for the G25 if it could be accomplished. I have two stripped and ready to be converted but no time to look at it :(

    From what I've seen so far the black wheels have four paddles and the blue ones have two. The carbon fibre look front from the blue one can be swapped over.

  3. looks a bit too much like a toy and would snap too easily
  4. You can do it yes, will it look good? Unfortunatly not without spending some more money..

  5. Hi Chris. It may look like a toy but the wheel itself is of first class quality and the web link really doesn't do it justice. I would add a couple of decent photo's in here if we had the ability, as other forums do, to add jpg files.
  6. damn cant find the wheel on ebay :(
  7. Hi Chris. I have a black, 4 x paddle wheel that I can let you have. This has already been stripped from the main unit so comprises the wheel, the quick release connector and the mounting column. £20 plus postage.

    Let me know if this is of interest and I will take some photo's.

  8. hey yeah tha would be awsome. would have to get it off you next week stupid payday :p pics would be cool so i could try work out how to mount it :)
  9. Hi Chris

    I have (hopefully!) added links to a few photo's below, so that other members interested in using one of these wheels can see them.

    The wheel originally had the silver centre piece but you can see how much better it looks with the carbon fibre effect centre. The cut-out for the segment LED's needs to be made slightly larger but the silver centre can be used as a template.
    I will supply both centre panels and both sets of buttons.

    The photo of the main shaft with the two bearings is from a non-FFB unit but it's similar in the FFB wheels. My thinking would be to cut the main shaft just below the front bearing and to get a local fabricator to make an aluminium collar, recessed to take the bearing and holes drilled through the collar to allow it to be fitted straight onto the G25 housing. This will allow the quick-release connector to be retained.