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G25 flappy paddles

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Rob Every, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Had my G25 for donkeys years and never had any issues with it in racing games. Such as the Codies F1 games, RF etc.

    But in AC I get the odd time when I am shifting down when the left hand paddle misses a downshift, play a lot of Dirt Rally too and never experience the problem in that game, so am wondering if there is a G25 glitch of some odd kind in AC. I have to use the older Logitech gaming stuff in order for G25 to work on crappy Windows 10.

    It is only shifting down, never up which suggests it might be a switch problem in that paddle or some weird software glitch.

    Any ideas fellas thanks?
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  2. AC won't let you shift down if you are shifting down to early, on cars that have this functionality in the real car so it will override your shift to prevent damage
  3. i get this with my g27, i sometimes too believe its my downshift paddle thingy gone bad, or missing a click... hopefully its just that im shifting to early as romano said... i dont play other games so cant confirm
  4. Marco Waechter

    Marco Waechter

    It's downshift protection only. If the button works then it works.. & nothing is wrong with it, as simple as that ;).
  5. Strange, sometimes I can bang down the gears with impunity, sometimes I am tugging at the lever and it does nothing.

    Very annoying trait as it makes you miss apexes and stuff.

    Are we sure it isn't a minor glitch? I am only asking as in some cars it isn't an issue, I was driving a 458 the other day at Spa and I cant recall it happening once, yet in a race spec Evora it was routine at Nurburg braking for the first turn?
  6. It's 'as designed' and def not a glitch, the downshift protection was implemented a while ago and caused a minor storm in the AC Forums.
  7. After some ,ore time spent playing the game this gearbox is a real blight on the game.

    It almost seems to happen on certain corners or sections of track, regardless of your downchange habits or styles.

    I am presuming there is nothing you can do to get rid of it?
  8. HRE


    Not a glitch. It stops u from shifting like a mad man from 6th to 1st in less than a split second:D
  9. I do understand the idea behind it chap, but it is utterly inconsistent, and seems to adjust itself depending on where you are on a given track!
  10. Nope - it's purely mathematical.