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G25..does anybody have a spare G25 wheel n pedals they no longer use or need please.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by WOLFv6, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. WOLFv6


    hey guys n girls,,im in desperate need to find a g25 wheel or something simular,,been without a wheel now for over a year and financialy i just cant afford another one,,and im sooo missing racing with some of you guys its cruel...probably a very long shot in the dark but i thought id ask,,im in the UK by the way,,,keep safe and always use your mirrors :)


    Sorry i can't help with the G25 pedal set ( sadly just threw out a G27 plus pedals..
    However thanks to upgrading to a Thrustmaster T300, T3pa pro pedsls and th8a shifter combp ihave a set of Thrustmaster t3pa pedals inc brake mod just sat in a cupboard.
    Apparently Thrustmaster sell an adapter to use their pedal sets with a Logitech wheel, details are on their website if you consider going down this route.
    Just wanted to offer a suggestion / alternative.

    Best of luck