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G25/27 problems with G5

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by tororosso, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Do we think they will ever fix g25/27 compatibility with gt5?

    insidesimracing.tv did an on screen demo of poor performance of g27.
    too bad the wheel is not performing at the same starndards as it does in every other game.

    and darin g. is a bit bias and hypes fanatec but thats just me.

    but the point if this post is to highlight very poor compatibility of ps3+g25/7+GT5 quality.
    Hope they recognize this enough and that a patch is up and coming.
  2. I think they made it out way over the top, perhaps fanatec bias. It is true that the brake pedal with the G27 is too easy to lock up and too sensitive, but to say that the clubsports fix the problem, im not sure. As for everything else the logitech G wheels work perfect, the sensitivety problem is only a minor thing in my eyes, hardly a game breaker.
  3. I'll be a tad bias myself as I have the Fanatec GT3 RS and clubsport pedals.. but i've used the G25/7's prior to making my purchase borrowed from friends to see which I wanted to purchase, and mate to be honest the difference is huge between them, for me now if and when it comes time to buy another wheel and pedal set, I'd rather play with a controller than use any logitech products anymore. I just like the difference and improvement I've gotten with the Fanatec set that much... but having said that I found once i got used to the logitech pedals I could manage to not lock the brakes up all the time, I very rarely play any sim racing game with abs and if I do have it on its on a maximum of 1...

    But I know heaps of guys that have the logitechs that manage fine, maybe just give yourself sometime to adjust to the crappy recognition of wheels and pedals by GT5.

    It always amazes me why they just dont in any game add a default wheel set up so you can adjust it to your wheel and not have to have it listed... would be much easier I would have thought.....
  4. good to know im not the only one who feels this way bout the site. fanatec among other overly priced inventions are always being reviewed. of course Insidesimracing are getting all these stuff free and hardly anything is handed to them from Logitech.
    tho i can respect the funny guy, shawn cole, he's pretty objective for the most part.

    back to g27. Logitech isnt officially supported via GT5 wheel settings menu so perhaps there's still room for improvement. sucks the two parties didn't collaborate enough to deliver high quality they're known for.
    then again maybe thats the plan...
    Nvidia vs AMD
    for example in pc gaming.
    video gfx companies working closely with certain blockbuster game during its development, tailoring its design to specifically to improving performance more than the other in an attempt to off scale the benchmark scores favoring Nvidia or ATI as a marketing ploy.

    actually come to think of it, insidesimracing's MAKE UP is based marketing ploy... its laughable.
  5. A few threads with discussion about this popped up on the GTP forums, it seems that fanatec users are having the same issue with the sensitive brake pedal even with clubsports, but also with unusable wheels due to the FFB being buggered. One person described his friends Fanatec Turbo S as "undrivable" in GT5.

    So there are issues with the clubsports and fanatec wheels just as there are with the Logitech. I can for one say that the Logitech is actually working really nice, though the brake issue is slightly annoying especially having going from playing iRacing.
  6. i dont get the sensitive brake pedal odd that...

    i think this dicussion would be a endless one, each side always saying that what they have is better.....

    Ultimately like I said before they should just do a standard wheel setup, and I had forgotten that one game does exactly that, F1 2010, there is nothing I can find on it that has this wheel or that wheel.

    It's you pick the action click into and then press the button or pedal you want for that action for the set up of buttons, and for the wheel sensitivity etc its you define how you want it to react i think thats a much better way for the games to have it just my humble opinion though..
  7. Is it possible to use combined controller G25 Wheel with CSP Pedals? That's my only concern before buying PS3 :)

    For example WRC doesn't support multi-controllers?
  8. I think you can combine the club sport pedals with other wheels, not 100% sure but i think the guys at Inside Sim Racing have done it, maybe shoot them an email to confirm if no one on here can...
  9. Perhaps "ignorance is bliss" but having never used any recent Fanatec wheels and being a G25 owner, I can't say I'm not enjoying GT5 even with my second-rate gear. Yes, the brake is a bit too sensitive but my way around it is to adjust and reduce the braking on each car (with bias towards the front) in GT5. I've yet to buy a race car but with my Elise, simply reducing the brake to 2(F):1(R) makes ABS-less braking a bit more easier.
  10. agree, why oh why is this not standard on all games? Steering, throttle and brake sensitivity is as much a part of setting up a car as anything else so why in god's name to we have to have generic settings that won't suit everyone. P*ss poor GT5, p*ss poor.