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g.d.b. mismatch

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Darryl Webb, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. when hosting a game in race 07, when players enter they get booted with error message (track) g.d.b mismatch, but if i join them no problem, what is different at my end? the only thing i have installed that others may not have is the presto updater. I run all in game tracks as host no problem and modded ones run in single player and also if i join anothers host. What can i do to stop this error, i have reinstalled all but dont think prob is with installs.I host as a rule amongst my group as i seem to have best connection for all, i so want to run at limerock but it wont let other players in.
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    what version of the dedicated server are you running? can you join the server yourself with no issues?
  3. Is URL steam://rungameid/8610 the server info, and no when i set it it searches and finds nothing to run, i dont actually use it i just run the game normally and host from within the game, i thought it was odd because one of on line friends adjusted the weight penalties in his host, which is fantastic to balance players out and i assume he was running it from that. i was going to insert tracks into my ded server but then i se there was no spa in it and that particular track runs fine on host, so i stopped before i wrecked that one.... i have tried to run ded server but it just times down to zero and finds nothing....thanks for response i hope info helps
  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    To host games, it is usually best to run the dedicated server as this will allow you to be sure that you have all the right games installed and will give you an idea what needs to be installed to allow others to compete with you. If you are not being able to connect to your own dedicated server there are several possibilities and the most likely is that your router is not configured properly for port forwarding or you have an anti virus program blocking it from being able to send and receive on the internet. There is a download in the downloads section that has all the info to setup a dedicated server and get it working.
  5. i have looked at ded server but when i go to launch,it says steam dll missing try reinstalling, could you let me no how to reinstall it. I tried uninstalling entire game hoping it would up date itself when run,its made no odds, and i cant se where to uninstall ded server, if i chuck it in the bin i am probably inviting more trouble, my ports are open and fine i host most games no trouble, i have reinstalled tracks i have changed routers,i have no firewall up in win vista. and im still at a loss why it wont let me run certain tracks, does a ded server make the difference,as i say i play from within the game, by pressing the host button and no prob until certain tracks,spa is a modded track and it runs sweet, i have googled about trying to find out what g.d.b does and how to fix,but all come back with trying to flog me something i dont need,reg fix an stuff..... i would quite happily pay simbin to put all tracks in a pack, as anything from there runs fine, the gt add on pack mid ohio and chayka went in straight away no issues.no prob with host.
  6. I have fixed g.d.b problem by uninstalling all modded tracks to my desktop, then running an in game track, then reinstall modded tracks and they run with no mismatch,not dedicated server at fault,not sure whats changed but it worked..thanks for all responses i hope this aids others