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G-25 buttons not work in AC

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by falcon221, Nov 29, 2015.

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    This buttons...of the G-25, not work in AC.
    I can´t mapping function.

    G-25 and all buttons...work perfect in my rFactor; rFactor2; RaceRoomExperience; Race 07 and Nascar Racing 2003.
    The problem are buttons in yellow only in AC :/

  2. ouvert


    yep .. that is one of "beta" issues of AC ... and not just with G25 .. everything related to controls and key mapping could use little bit more attention .. some day :) ..
  3. Thanks for info! :)
  4. Have you tried without using the profiler? all my buttons work ok ( yes, G25 ), the shifter D-pad doesn't do anything at all though. I just set it up via windows game device CP & then in AC. I've left 3 of them unmapped so I can use AHK to map them to different keys per car, but they respond in the control config.
  5. All buttons of the logitech wheels work normally, only the dpad doesn't. But the other buttons on the shifter or the wheel work. Dpad only if you bind it to keyboard buttons in logitech profiler. I don't have G25, but G27, and the red buttons that falcon221 highlighted in the image work for me directly in the game controls menu.
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  6. Thanks....but in G25 don´t work :/