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FYI -iRacing Promo - 2 Year Membership For Half Price

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Lou Sytsma, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. For those concerned about the cost of iRacing here is your opportunity to save big.

    From the main page:

    "July is here and it's time for our Summer Membership Sale – also known as our Winter Membership Salefor those of you in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Renew now and you can get a 2-year membership for the price of 1-year – just $99."

    Promo runs July 1 - 10, 2014.
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  2. Got mine, and fully covered by 25% off credits :D
  3. I renewed for 2 years. Its well worth that price to me, I had a $6 credit too so $93 wasn't bad for 2 years.
  4. I'm on the fence on this one, not because I don't intend on renewing but because I bought a 1 year for $49 during last years Black Friday sales, so my account expires during the next Black Friday sale at which point I expect to be able to pick up another year for the same $49, not only is that a WHOPPING $1 cheaper than this deal, it also doesn't lock me in for two years right now, a lot of things can happen in a year from november, like AC and pCars will have released (hopefully).
  5. since there is no competition forcing realistic prices the whole %off here and there is so much blahblah anyway, but if it helps make the pricing a tad more realistic, I'm all for it. Booked in as well, years four and five they will be, first one black friday, two and three summer sale, so never paid the sticker price anyway.
  6. I do wonder sometimes if they should just knock 50% off the prices overall to avoid sticker shock, though that comparative pricing can help make the discount seem even better value than if it's alone.
  7. I once read in retail business, prices are 40-50% overpriced intentionally to allow for "red hot sale prices" which seems to entice people to buy simply because they think they're getting a good deal when in reality they're still paying more than what the manufacturers of those products were trying to get.
  8. Exactly what I was referring to. One example is decoy pricing.
  9. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Ive been debating subscribing to iRacing for a few years now, it's not the initial pricing that puts me off, it's the ongoing US$10 to $40 they charge for the addon content. Don't get me wrong, I dont mind paying for extra cars n tracks, but I do object to paying US$30 for a single car, or US$15 for 1 track, when I can get Assetto Corsa for a similar price.

    iRacing really needs to look into it's business model, especially it's ongoing cost's, I'm not sure how much it would cost to acquire all of iRacings content, but I can gather it's probably over $1000, at that price I would want to own that content not just lease it, as you do currently. But this is just my 2cents.
  10. however, with iracing you do not just get the content (which you actally only lease, you never get to buy it properly), you get the server / season / player network, which is - at least for me - priceless. at least in the series i pick, you can basically run a race every hour or every second hour with a 95% chance that there are anough players to have a good game but no need to attend at a given time regularly. for me this justifies the truly staggering costs when compared to any other racing sim. when i look back after a year or so on the money i spend for an hour of gaming, i come up with sth. like 0.7 dollars an hour, which is fair enough. it's the possibility to play with like-minded fellows almost every hour that clinches it for me.

    i own about 30% of the content i'd say, buying three items each season has been my strategy and it works fine.
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  11. Agreed, this ability to jump on whenever I feel like it and get to race within the hour, without having to commit to anything, get good quality online racing with decent grids just about everytime. No other game offers this as far as I know.
  12. Which car do you think is $30? What addon content is $40?

    You might have iRacing mistaken for the old SRW pricing model, which was 1/10,000 the price of the real car.
  13. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Well if iRacing had content prices on there site I could verify my claim, but seeing as there is no car and track prices, I have to go by what I'm told or read in threads like this one. If I'm mistaken on the iRacing prices of add on content, then prove to me that it isn't overpriced, show me some prices of the content, and not just the older and cheaper items.

    If anyone else would like to jump in on declaring some of iRacing's add on content prices, please do.

    The fact is, I, and possibly many others believe that content for iRacing will end up costing the average Sim enthusiast over US$1000 to maintain and keep up with new releases.

    Okay, as a small exercise, lets just say each iRacing track is US$10 x 67 laser tracks that's a cool US$670.00, now lets say the cars are US$15 each x 41cars = US$615, together that's near US$1300, convert this to AUD and it's AUD$1388.34 at today's exchange rates. There is no way I would hand over this much money, for something that could disappear tomorrow and leave me without any of the content I legitimately purchased, and don't go saying iRacing wont collapse, it can happen to the strongest businesses, even banks can go belly up.

    I'm not against iRacing, from what Ive heard the racing's not to bad, and I may do a 3Mth sub so I can judge for myself, but you gotta admit when so many have commented against either iRacing's pricing, ranking and safety system, there's a good reason to be skeptical.


    EDIT: Someone took the time to explain iRacing prices etc in the following thread http://www.racedepartment.com/threa...ble-fall-of-iracing.69075/page-6#post-1762721
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2014
  14. Straight from the iRacing website, conveniently:

    "If you want to buy additional cars they cost a one-time fee of $11.95. If you want to buy additional tracks they cost a one-time fee of either $11.95 or $14.95 depending on the track. If you buy 3 pieces of content (cars or tracks) at once you also receive a discount of 10%. If you buy 6 pieces of content at once you receive a discount of 20%. If you purchase/own any 40 pieces of content from that point forward you receive an automatic 25% discount. If you own all the cars and tracks, every new car or track you buy gets discounted at 30%."
    That's because some people go around spreading sour grapes. Which is a bit unfortunate, but it is what it is.
    The first question is, do you want every single track and car, or just some of them? The average iRacing user does not have every piece of content. I don't think it's even average to have everything on the road or oval side.

    Second, only a fool pays the retail price ;) At the very least, everyone should buy in packs of three for that 10% discount. So to update your numbers:
    63x$14 (estimated average track price) + $5 for old Daytona + 35x$12 for cars and 3x$5 for older cars = still about $1300
    -10% for 3 packs: ~$1200
    -20% for 6 packs: ~$1060
    If you just buy everything in one go for 30% off everything: ~$925

    What helps the most is that about twice a year they have a deal for bonus credit. $75 buys $100 of credits, meaning add another 25% to the discount by planning ahead. I try to make sure every iRacing purchase I make is using those bonus credits, which are also augmented by $5 every year as an anniversary bonus (just for keeping my subscription current) and up to $10 per season for participation credits (though those more accurately can be put towards yearly subscription, which by buying during a promotion like this means your subscription can be as few as $5/year).

    For reference, I have every road course and a few ovals which makes 40 tracks and 21 cars (skipping most open wheel cars and the Jetta). I'm subscribed until 10/2016, have $70 of credits left over, and spent about $750 in total for 6 years of sub + most road content. It would be cheaper to do the same purchases now because not all those discounts were around when I started and I rarely max out my participation credits.

    So again, what do you want to race? I was very cost conscious when I started as well, and would be more than happy to help you plan a purchase plan to be as cost effective as possible (if indeed you plan to ask the wife about it). That's what I did for myself when I began, and I recommend it for anyone. There's a lot more good free content now as well, which helps a bunch.
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  15. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium


    Thanks for clearing up the pricing, which backs up what Luiz and some others stated in the other thread, which provides a little more clarity for decision making purposes.
    I obviously didn't view the right webpage when I looked for the pricing of add on content, didn't think to look on the membership page, thanks for the link.

    I have no problem with affording the initial subscription, but now comes the dilemma, do I save myself more $$ and get a 1yr membership, just in case I enjoy it more than I thought I would, which my wife pointed out, is a real possibility.

    As far as what I like to race, that would be most cars, but I prefer saloon cars, GT's etc,
    I don't mind open wheelers, but find them a little to delicate, as in, you're not able to get as close to an opponent, nothing wrong with a little paint swapping, in my book.
    I'm not much into oval racing either so I guess I wouldn't need the oval tracks, ovals are for playing footy here in Aussie, Plus I'd get bored turning left all the time, lol.

    i am definitely going to give it a try, if I need any advice is it ok to pm you?
  16. Yes, the big question is 3 month or the 2-for-1 deal. If you go with two years, even without content you'll have stuff to race. You might be stuck with the Miata most weeks, but especially if you're quicker than average they can be quite good races. It depends how much you'd expect sticking around, are you a fan of online racing, are you happy with other online sims, and so on.

    Definitely feel free to PM, glad to help.
  17. yeah, this is kinda a shitty time to be buying in...not as shitty as if you didnt have the option for the deal though. still..get the 3 months on the cheap & then you have 4 days to decide if you think youll be in it longterm or not, that was plenty for me tbh.
  18. Also, if you get the 3 month now and decide on the 2 year within 4 days those 2 years will start after your current 3 months expire you loose nothing.

    Warning though, ovals might seem like boring left turn only racing, but should you try it you might find it anything but boring, I mainly do road racing but i find ovals to be far more stressful and intense of an experience. :)
  19. yeah, im actually intentionally avoiding the **** out of ovals till i get all the road content bc thats just too overwhelming..looking fwd to seeing if i can get into it some day though. ive watched some of emptybox's vids (mostly indycar) & it really does seem a lot more intense.
  20. andrew, the idea (as with any other drug) is to get in cheaply, get hooked and then spend heavily. half true actually.
    the real idea is: do a short time trial period first. there are quite a few who complain about the physics (which i have never understood, it was more the other way round: "how on earth can they make it feel so cool?") and you might be one of those. so, a three month trial will minimize losses.
    if - after a week - you enjoy the base content and the feel and the racing, take advantage of the two year offer by all means, delve into the licence stuff (d-licence to a-licence) and figure out a way which works best for you.
    roadside, many start with the skip barber and then advance via gt3 to end up in the big gt cars. i skipped the skip, did a lot of races in that funny looking solstice, took the mustang and finally the corvette. the idea really is to first stick with the free rides and buy tracks in order to get the enjoyment of doing the 8 races required out of 12 to count as a whole season. also, check if and which cars run in more than one series, e.g. the dallara runs in an oval series as well as a road series.
    in about ten days, the new season schedule for the season starting july 29th will be out, grab a copy of that off the homepage and decide which series to run, i.e. which tracks to buy. for the first batch - unless one wants to stick with the base series - a combination of one more car and 5 tracks should do the trick, saving 20% off the quite high sticker price.
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