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Cars FVR V8 Supercars 2014-2016 v6.0 6.1

Australian V8 Supercars

  1. FlashQld submitted a new resource:

    FVR V8 Supercars 2014-2016 v6.0 June 2016 - Australian V8 Supercars

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  2. Ulises Valido Gonzalez

    Ulises Valido Gonzalez
    Premium Member

    sorry i want first thanks for amaizing mod,but if no necessary be angry for the comment:)
  3. What is the naming convention to have the cars run alternate window files (volvo)?

    Example I have a 3 team car that requires different numbers & names..Can I run them all as alt liveries or do I need to make them all an individual car?
  4. I'm not sure how it goes with rF2 but the naming convention is as follows.


    So for HRT it would be HRT2_AU16exWindow.dds or HRT2_AU16inWindow.dds

    Hope that helps. With teh ALT teams I believe it is ALTinWindow or something similar.
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  5. Not angry just checking what you mean. We are working on visual damage but it will be limited unless ISI can fix their sim.

  6. Cheers & Thank you :)
  7. Hi Flash
    I dropped it into Users/Admin/my documents/rf2/packages.....and then opened packages in the game to install it and its not there ? I don't have version 6.0 in there ....did I miss something ?
    Cheers Jacko
  8. Jacko - just check if thats where your packages are being read from. If its not finding it, then its in the wrong place. You can put into another folder of your choice and add a new folder for searching. I never like hiding it down in the Users folder, too easy to get lost.
  9. Barrackus

    Steveh Premium Member

    hi, just a thing I noticed, the FGX don't have any exhaust flames. The version I noticed it is 6.0 and 6.1. I looked at the FG model and they do have exhaust flames.
    was this an oversight it intentional?
    cheers, steve
  10. Possibly just an oversight. Someone will no doubt take a look for the next update :)
  11. Barrackus

    Steveh Premium Member

    ok, thankyou