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FVR V8 2008 Aussie Racing Series v1.4 Released

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Günthar Rowe, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. ok, I will be porting this in to GTR Evo asap. not a conversion, but working from the base used to create the GTR2 and rF mods...

    watch this space...

    Will include:

    V8 Supercars


    Commodore VZ and VE
    Falcon BF
  3. I have one thing to say.


    ...And that was it. :p
  4. Gunthar will you marrie me ?? :D
  5. Awesome. Can't wait :laugh2:

    Are you going to use Evo style tyres for them? It's just that in my experience they turn out to have more grip than they should when tyr files are taken straight from GTR2.
    To see what I mean try the cars ported from GTR2 (not the ones that were adapted to the Evo GT classes).
    I don't really know anything about how the tyr files work though so I could be completely wrong.
  6. Hey Gunthar, are you any good at tracks, I can think of one classic Aussie track that would go with this mod.
  7. Hm, maybe Bathurst? :)
  8. I like the way you sound on TS, but my current wife may not agree...
  9. There is only one small difference in the tire files, more the way the newer physics model handles this data...

    Also, I'm not converting from GTR2 or rF, I'll be working with the base files and data that were used to created the GTR2 and rF mods. Things like the sound bytes and models. I hope to write/rewrite the rest to suit GTR Evo. i.e not wanting to have anither GTR2GTRE straight conversion...

    On a side note, I'm also fine tuning the GTR2 version...

    One thing I'd like to get sorted as soon as possible is get a basic running version going so that we all can get on to skinning/reskinning the cars. They are nice in GTR2, but I and others would be able to sharpen these up or redo them to make the most of the lovely graphics in GTR E.
  10. No idea how to even start on a track, I think that in the long run, a track it for the artists and the cars are for the nit pickers/scientists ... I mean this in the best way of course :)
  11. Ok. I just thought some details like tyres could be based off the GTR2 version since something like that wouldn't be part of the base files as far as I know.

    As for Bathurst, there is a version that was recently converted to GTR2 from rFactor that is apparently good. I'm not talking about the Codemasters conversion. The guy who converted it said he would do an Evo conversion too.
    It's in a thread somewhere on NoGrip.
  12. They can b based off the GTR2 or rF and I'll use most of the data created in those, but still need to expand it and add to it to get the right feel and performance in GTR Evo

    Sweet... if you find the NG link, please post...
  13. Of course not! Warren meant Barbagallo Raceway. :sinister: Tut tut Atti, you should know better... :nono::tsk:
    LOL! :rotfl:
  14. Well Barbagello would be nice too, but Atti knows me better than anyone, even my wife, I think. :rotfl:
  15. Hahaha! :laugh2:

    Seriously though, Barbagallo is my home track, and if someone, anyone, does not get it into the game within the next six months, I shall call upon Chuck Norris to roundhouse-kick their heads clean off... :chuck: :p
  16. Seconded, although not the most enticing or exciting of layouts... :laugh2: (think of a Minute Lap Monza)
  17. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Unfortunately the reason barely any Ozzie tracks have been made is because they aren't allowed to be converted to GTR Evo/Race07 :(
  18. when i get my track technique down i'm going to build ramsay street, yes sir! :D
  19. Found it, http://www.nogripracing.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35061

    You can get the GTR2 version there. It's not the same one you can find in the download section for GTR2 (that's a Codemasters conversion).

    It looks good, although there are a couple of bugs that need to be fixed.
  20. i ve just tested the rfactor mod version 1.3 and i am a bit disapointed about the graphics

    It seems to me that the holden shape is not accurate , in particular the wheelbase seems to be far higher that the real on. The front lights also should be improved (not enough poly?)

    I am french so i ve never see a real V8 car, but on télévision (simmons plain race this weekend on motorstv).

    Am i right or wrong ?