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FVee Set-up base or ? needed

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Setups' started by David Brock, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. As the title sats, I'm looking for either a good base set-up or your favourite for a particular that I can then adjust as needed for others. Thanks
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  2. tpw


    Agree, it's a hell of a handful to drive in its stock setup. I pretty much end up facing backwards in 80% of my track outings. Is there a setting which helps with the extreme tendency to oversteer?
  3. I tihnk the Vee depends more on techique than setup, when the Vee was released i really struggled. The most important thing i guess is, that you have to balance the car with the throttle through turns, to counter the oversteer. This will eliminate the oversteer on turn-in and through the corners. Keep practicing ! :D
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  4. tpw


    You're probably right mate. I know next to nothing about setups and just thought there might be something to help. It's an incredibly challenging car to drive but also very rewarding to pull off a nice controlled lap or two.
  5. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    Pretty sure @Jarek Kostowski (who is one of the fastest guys I've race against in the Vee) uses the default setup.
    Driving the Vee has more to do with technique than setup
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  6. Quas


    Yep, i'm always on default except on very dangerous tracks i would occasionally harden the front ARB by one or two clicks. I tried a million different sets & settings during the league and came do the conclusion that default works best (for me).
    Once you start making the car safer, the understeer will slow you down.