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Future Rally Idea's

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Stephen Carson, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Stemming from the other thread of rally france I thought it would be a good idea to have a seperate thread where we can keep track of some idea's for rallys! I figured this was the best place for the thread!

    Rally Ireland 2009
    Rally: Japan
    Surface: Tarmac
    Weather: heavy rain

    I think japan on tarmac is the perfect example of tight twisty bumpy stages that matches in with rally ireland. With it being in the winter time I would suggest starting with a night stage and ending with one

    Here's a few of my photos which shows the conditions:

    SS1 Rally Ireland

  2. Best of putting it in the normal RBR bit this is just for club events only dude.


    Nice idea to suggest the cars/track for mr evans to mull over but im sure hel have something wicked every week for us :good:
  3. Awesome! :D
  4. I cant wait for the night mod. Night mob round britain ohhhhhhh sooo fing sweet. Remind me of the days i watched McRae and co round sweet lamb in the da Valleys boyo
  5. we can't just drop in custom stages, unf... they need to be officially incorporated into the mod (so that they appear on the server etc)
  6. Ahhhh ok gutted nevermind :nod:
  7. That IS a bummer. So, it's impossible to actually use custom stages? Do RSRBR own the server?
  8. yes, it's all theirs... they have obv added a bunch of new stages - eg. all the hillclimbs, new rally stages etc... so periodically, new stuff turns up in the updates... but we can't just drop in a new stage like we could a track in evo....

    but with all the surface mods as well, you'll never even notice, methinks...
  9. Well, the stages are'nt exactly coming out like bullets from a gun. Unless we have someone post stage requests on the forum, and beg in French that they put them in the next update or we might take our "business" elsewhere :)
  10. I think for now there is enough extra stages by the time we run through a few then some different surfaces and night stages.
  11. Exactly Stephen, but it's be great to try out some of the new stages. They look very good.
  12. Yeah I think the extra stages would be good. What I would love would be to be able to export from BTB so you do some unique custom stages for a rally and run it like an actual rally.

    2 player teams, you get a copy of the stage and are allowed 3 drives over it to write/check notes, then the actual competitive run with a driver and a co-driver :D
  13. Yeh. That sounds good, as no one has driven them before.
  14. Finland on tarmac would be fun for a future event, some of the bigger jumps are really quite hard to take fast with a tarmac setup! I think it wouldnt be a bad idea to maybe run an event with say tarmac and one stage from each rally then the same with gravel, snow, etc.
  15. Yep. Or an event with one stage with different weather and layouts. You may now the stage on tarmac, but you can compare on other layers :p

    This RSRBR thing really is an awesome system, eh?
  16. ohyus :flypig:
  17. That would really mess with your head! I would like to see the first stage or two or the last stage or two being night stages at some point. Also adverse weather.
  18. Monte Carlo
    Use the Monte Mod to turn the french stages into monte carlo then start off with heavy fog in the morning clearing up then the weather turning worse that evening and the final run in the dark!

    SS1 - Cote d'Arbroz - Heavy Fog
    SS2 - Joux Verte - Medium Fog
    SS3 - Bisanne - Light Fog
    SS4 - Joux Plane - Good Conditions
    SS5 - Joux Verte II - Cloudy 'dry'
    SS6 - Cote d'Arbroz - Covered 'Damp'
    SS7 - Bisanne II - Bad Weather
    SS8 - Joux Plane II - Bad Weather - Night

    I think that would make for an epic rally, especially if we used some of the older cars.
  19. How about announcing the car set and thats it for each event?

    That way you can practice on various surfaces with cars but you cant train on specific stage and car combo's, you could mention surface if you wanted to be a bit more specific.

    Just a thought as imo rallying should be off the notes and not running stages till you know the bits that can catch you out!