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Funny ways of finishing a race

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mike Jaanus, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. your most funny way of finishing a race mine happend just now i was third into the last corner of teh last lap of a 15 lap race of imola when my engine gave in (after suffing some huge hits like all the other cars) flames every where rolled across the line with my car in flames sadly now screen shot
  2. Amusing ... what about the replays - you switched them off?
    If not, you can get a screenie from there :thumb:
  3. turns out i stoped just short of the line so smash i had when i thought it was over must have been the one that put me across the line also because i use manual clutch when teh engine blew it seized and locked the rear wheels well done simbin on acuracy
    here the shot anyway
  4. smokin dude ..
  5. Very nice. I had a Monza setup that would set the car on fire in the Lambo if I went 3 laps. I would use that one to entertain the others online.
  6. Having a long race with F3000s, and with only a few hundred metres to the finish I run out of fuel, so at least 10 cars pass me before I crawl over the finish line :(

    That's why you always take a few more litres of fuel than the game says you need!

  7. did you fill it up with exacly the amound you needed for the race ??
    i always add a lap or 2 more , but i always wonderd if the exact amount would be enought too , but now i know :wink:
  8. I think so. Now I always add a few extra litres (usually enough for 1 or 2 extra laps).
    I think that race was about 14 laps.

    Amount given by the game isn't accurate, the way you drive will make it differ a bit. So it's good to be on the safe side.
  9. Was racing in F3000 last night and Jai Spencer crossed the line with both front wheels missing. I will post a pic later.
  10. Was a witness to that! My car had 'expired' in the wall just after the line whilst in 3rd place, so was watching the race from the pit and kept telling him to keep plodding on and claim the podium spot from me on the last lap! :D
  11. Sometimes, i will just stop before the race line spin my car around and cross the line with reverse gear.
  12. I remember a race on here with the Peugeot 407's at Magny-Cours and i came out of the last bend and Michael Herrmann had run out of fuel about half a car length from the finish line so i thought it would be a bit unfair to take the 4th postion so slowed down behind him and pushed him over the line LOL.

    Shame i somehow managed to delete the replay by mistake as a screenshot would have been great but im sure Michael still remembers this :D
  13. Last lap of an Anderstorp 20min race, was in 1st, rounded the last corner and slammed on the gas and the engine dies...out of fuel. the guy in second was trying to slip stream and ended up pushing me over the line. No screenshot/movie, it was quite a number of weeks ago and I clean out my replays often
  14. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    lucky you!

    i just love when i'm in a race and coming at the last lap (happened lately in monza) 2 or 3 cars spin out at the last corner and leave the track, so at the very end you gain 2 places :D