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Funniest moment or bug....

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Don Davis, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Yeah some bugs make you uninstall and set your wheel on fire (well almost), but some just crack me up.

    Starting suzuka.....tension building....getting revs up.....

    Lights out....
    GO GO GO....

    Puncture...um what?

    I kid you not, about 1-2 seconds after lights out, my left front had a puncture. I think i hadnt even hit 4th gear yet.
  2. nice would have been funny to see mine was at monaco went round a corner tight suddenly am ten feet in the air spinning i launched from sinking into the ground then it spat me out again
  3. Must be Rob the (useless) engineer.

    Quite a few of them too, these 2 seem to be the most common lately:

    "Ferrari are ready for a pitstop" umm..ok..well, if you haven't noticed, I'm in a Ferrari, and my stop is not due for another few laps.

    "Go on, you can get this guy" suuurree..just give me a rocket so I can catch him first as I can barely see him on my screen.
  4. Anyone ever had a glitch where finishing a career race, my stupid dude just keeps doing victory laps per se. On ps3 this is, can't pause and exit the game, can only go via ps button and quitting game.
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Did you talk to your Bridgestone guy about this :) ?
  6. This game is very bad for their reputation, because I did quali online. New fresh option tyres just out of the pitlane puncture. Then back into the pits same happened again only in first corner. Nahhh, this made me dislike bridgestone even more now. Luckily in next year edition, bridgestone is gone from f1!!!
  7. Funniest moments or bugs? Well... I won the qualifying in Monaco. The race begins. First corner I manage to get a huge oversteer and somehow I get control of the car again without hitting the wall. The funny bit was that I was at 90 degrees in the driving lane, noone could get passed and I got suspended from the game a few seconds later. All the qualifying work for nothing. ;)
  8. I left the pits at Monza with "flying lap" selected in Q3, when I got control of the car on the start line, I noticed I was missing the front wing. It didn't seem to have an affect on the handling though, even though the entire nose cone was missing.

    I wonder if the engineer sent the car out without it :p