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Function import CSV is not exact

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Napalm CAndy, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Hi, yesterday I race with a kart and loggin data with GPS 5Hz arround 18 laps, I made a average altitude points and the result is a 'precise' (precision in a cm)and smooth altitud line, but when I import to BTB I see a lot of "swings". I imported all points and when I compared the Y values to the original CSV values for altitud I see a big diference, so if the original CSV say that the first point is in 276.55m the imported in BTB is 275.32m and it is ramdomize, so the second point is 276.59 and in BTB is 277.20m

    I don't know why BTB don't import point exactly how is in CSV, I tried to rectify the first 30 points and result is a track smooth. But rectify all points is a task too heavy, could be arranged if you load the points just as they are without adding random errors
  2. I had tried to do a CSV edited in Excel, so I modified the altitude to do a perfect ramp (see images)

    When I load in BTB I see how it distort totally, so it is clear that it is a fail/bug on BTB


    I upload the CSV example if anyone want to try

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  3. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    It acts exactly as you would expect a Spline to act. ;)
  4. Napalm, it seems that the nodes have the right-exact altitude (y position), but unless you change/manipulate the control points of the nodes, the spline won't be smooth.

    Saying it with other words, your road has the right y position on the nodes, but not between them unless you change the control points of the spline.
  5. The test what I was do is, the points not are in the same Y value than the CSV data for altitud, I will try again now to confirm
  6. I'm trying.

    1st point in CSV 276.00 in BTB 275.89
    2nd CSV 276.03 BTB 276.09
    3rd CSV 276.06 BTB 276.15
    4th CSV 276.09 BTB 275.80
    5th CSV 276.12 BTB 276.19
    6th CSV 276.15 BTB 276.21

    No one is the same in BTB than CSV. The way to obtain the value is with the tool for edit nodes, selecting a node from the top view and click on get in the Y axis. Try it

    So you can see in the side view that the points(nodes) not are raising in line, it is not only about spline

    But are not random values, when I try to load again after close and reopen BTB I see that the points are exactly in the same location than the first time.

    Maybe a failed conversion?
  7. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    I just did a test and it works for me. The only manipulation BTB does is when Sampling is set to Merge. Perhaps send me your CSV file and I can test on your data.
  8. Any news? Anyone more has tried? It is only problem in my BTB?
  9. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    When importing XYZ values are ok but in your case, Long,Lat,Height the height value does get changes as the points are swung around and recentered. I will fix it for the next patch. ;)
  10. Thank you :)

    At the moment I will try to change values from Long,Lat to X,Y
  11. my doesn't get passed line 1, of the data.with can't phase z in line 1.edit the parameters to ; has the delimiter and all i get is a messy track, that seems to stack up in one area.changed values to x,y,z lat/long/meters and the tracked came up. no problem.

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  12. How you convert lat/long/alt to x,y,z? I can't to do, the only thing I can think of is multipling the first 2 columns (lat,long) by the meters of what it is a 1ยบ in latitude in this location, and the same with long

    Have you find a easier way?
  13. i clicked a next radio button from (x,y,z),and changed the delimiter to ";" that all. see where i missed typed the previous post.

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  14. I read it 5 times but I don't understand, and neither your last post :(

    What or where is "next radio button"?

    If I load like x,y,z only obtain "a ball", all track in the same area
  15. So... if understand, want you to tell me that load how is supposed to be load? Like the image? I did that for the first moment

    The intention of this post is "demonstrate" that when I import CSV in Lat/Long/Alt don't import well. But I don't understand (again) why to you works fine and me no... see pictures on the first post. I have and can be the problem...

    EDIT: Yes, Brendon fix in the last patch.
  16. So now I noticed a same problem with Latitude and Longitude, have a little error in some points and don't make a clean curb.

    So if I convert manually from Lat/Long to X/Y and load in X/Y the result of importing X/Y data is very cleaner curbs than Lat/Long data.
  17. the curbs are how you edited them in csv, if you don't put enought data in it will take the shortest path, like they do on google maps. to make an optium corner you need to added more points to it. most tracks i seen have four,but for sharper corners this needs to be increased(some i seen contain 6-8 extra points).

    inclines/declines also need to be redefined to have more points depends on the steepness of the declines/inclines.

    i'm trying to do willowsprings at the moment and most of it works fine until you reach turn 3-4 of the track where it drops ,that makes the cars launch of the track.:)that will probably need re-defining with more points.