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WIP Funabashi Circuit

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by soramame, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. funabashi_map.jpg

    Funabashi circuit is the circuit that there was ever in Funabashi-shi, Chiba in approximately one hour by car from Tokyo.
    I opened in July, 1965 and was closed down in August two years later.
    It becomes the Funabashi automatic race track, and it becomes short Oval for gamble motorcycle races now.
    It is Piero Taruffi to have designed the course.
    The course is designed to have races by 1.8km, 2.4km, three layouts of 3.1km with flatness.
  2. Closed after only two years? That's quick, I thought it existed for much longer. What kind of cars raced there? I don't think I've ever seen film (Youtube) footage from that circuit.
  3. As for the Funabashi circuit, only approximately 40 races were held in three years.
    So there is considerably few it, and the then document becomes precious.
    I looked for an animation in Youtube, but only four were found.
    Because it is summarized in a playlist, I write a URL.

    In the then race including Japanese cars such as Honda S800, Datsun Bluebird SS, Subaru 360, Prince Skyline 2000GT, Toyota sports 800,
    Ford Cortina, Morris Mini Cooper S, Lotus Elan, Jaguar XK-E, Chevrolet Corvette.

    I acquire the aerial photograph of the Funabashi circuit of 1966 and the aerial photograph of current ruins.

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  4. Thanks Soramame-san, omoshiroi da ;) I didn't find any Funabashi films on Youtube because the footage is titled in Kanji, which I can't write in.
  5. I made it slowly, but can release it soon.



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