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Full season update question

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by xBillyGoat1993, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    just wondering when we can expect to see the full season update for the 2012 season.... I'm just dying to race the 'classic look' Jim Beam cars (not Devils cut or honey)... if any round is complete where these liveries were raced, i would love to get my hands on them. if you could please put them up available to download. or if anyone has completed these liveries, can you please put them up for download :)

    thanks in advance.

    happy new year guys.
  3. Ok, thanks for the reply mate, thats very disappointing news though hehe :p
  4. Hmmm. I was hoping the rest of season 2012 would come out soon. I might have to give it a try to make it. Should be a fair bit easier than the COTF designs I got bored of doing lol.
  5. Yes mate, So much easier indeed.

    Luck with that.
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  6. lol, I meant the Jim Beam cars. That looks great! Particularly for such an awkward livery. So I take it the 2012 late season stuff is still happening?

    I will still finish the COTF prototype cars but I was saying if nobody else were doing the Jim Beam cars, I thought I'd give them a crack.
  7. Nice livery !! i just love the look of the jimmy cars!! ea_silver- i would be immensely appreciative if you did Fiore's livery, i love the gold in that livery hehe :p
  8. Guys, is the ORSM Team thinking about a 2013 update? It would mean two new models, so I guess quite the hard work...
  9. 4 new models*, the Aussie cars would require some work, too.
  10. Well, 3 new models as the FG is staying.
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  12. Sorry for this but, are you able to do one with the white banner across the windscreen? hehe, if its not to much trouble?
  13. Nice job SG, They look great.
  14. Thanks Doug. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out :)
    Done. I updated the download with Fiore's how it appeared at Winton. As well as the banner change there were a few small detail changes. I would have put Johnson's in too but couldn't fit in the archive.
  15. Thanks mate, Love these !!! :D :D :D
  16. Nice job SG, thanks :D
  17. Cheers. I'm glad other people appreciate these too. I just finished the Tru Blu livery from Bathurst 2012 (I did the race version rather than the unveiling version, main differences being black wheels and a colour coded grille). You'll find it at the link further up the page :)

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  18. Amazing mate !!! thanks for that !! EA_ SILVER- huge favour to ask (you're allowed to say no)... can you skin Fiore's livery that he ran in the 2012 test day ?? this one ??

    Thanks in advance...

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  19. I won't be doing that one from scratch as it's basically just the late 2011 design with 2012 windows and a couple of minor sponsor details. I could modify the 2011 ones but I won't upload them as my own work. At some point I might send the skin to you privately but I've got a couple of others I plan to do first.