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Full damage

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Olivier Mandavy, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. It's really difficult to break your car, even when you hit a wall your car is still OK and most of the time no visual damages.
    I drive using the 'Get Real' mode and for me get real = real physic and also real damages.
    But this is not the case regarding the damages.

    Can we have more visual damages?
    Or is it a problem with the car manufacturers? (contract)
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  2. I think the damage in the front looks quite good on some of the cars (when you are able to dent it that is).
    Some more work on it wouldn't hurt though, with scratched paint and cracked windows!

    I also think the damage model is way too unsensitive, it's possible to totally wreck your car and get wheels to fly.
    But you almost need to go straight ahead into a wall in 200 kph for it to happen..
    And until that point you don't notice any difference in the steering or anything from minor accidents!..
  3. Damage model is very limited which makes it poor in honesty. I am sure it will get better, just not a main priority I gather.
  4. The damage is pure rubbish, they need to get it sorted cause it kills the immersion, and also the terrible collision detection. It was the same in Race 07, poor collision detection and better but not great damage. How come rfactor got it right and it was the same engine? Jesus.
  5. they have stated in the past that damage is currently very incomplete. id find the quote but I cbf because its 11:30 at night
  6. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    would like to see the engine on fire when you smash it too hard like GSCE.
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  7. Do you remember this game: Indycar Racing from Papyrus? where your car exploded in thousand of polygons... lol
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  8. You may laugh now, but one game I think have a good damage model is Grid Autosport. :x3: :)
    It has nice dented metal and scratched paint, opened doors, trunks and hoods.
    Losing car parts, sparks and differently cracked windows, both on windshields, side and back windows. :thumbsup:

    Get a piece of this into R3E's sound and physics, that would be a thrilling ride!
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  9. Grid has some good stuff
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  10. Yes it has.
    When using the dashboard cam, it is a really enjoyable arcade racer!