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Tracks Fuji International Speedway Alpha v1

By Malagoli :)

  1. Malagoli submitted a new resource:

    Fuji International Speedway - By Malagoli :)

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  2. You are already working on the physical road mesh and you probably have everything under control, but if you havent seen this thread in the AC forums: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/i...er-technique-in-track-making-plus-tips.27180/

    It goes over most things like how to best do textures, how to do trees in a very good way, how to do the road bump mesh the best way etc. In case there is anything you didnt know. :) Thank you for the hard work and for sharing it with us.
  3. Nice to have you here :)
  4. I'm working with on 'sponsored' project for the past weeks (Sort of), so the next update will take a few more time to come..

    This is the last video I recorded.. was starting to work on vegetation, but is far from complete.. also some minor changes on pitlane, external landscape, etc..
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  5. Looking great! Happy to see you are still working on the track!
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  6. glad you still work this one :D
    are you watch the race today? :D

    here's for your reference :D
  7. Andreas Knöpke

    Andreas Knöpke
    Let's drive side by side! Premium

    How much longer? :cry::(:D
  8. It's nice to know this project is still alive! :)
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  9. Nice looking track, but it does utterly weird things to my frame rate - sudden slideshow-style hitches where everything just stops for a fraction of a second every 5 seconds or so, and a few spots where the whole framerate goes into the toilet. No other track does this to such a degree.
  10. I was loading the alpha release up again today on occasion of the WEC weekend and the "very poor" AI was definitely better at 100% than me in the 458 GT2. xD I'm really very much looking forward to this. Keep up the good work. =]
  11. Hi, track looks great! But I am struggling to make this work. I find the track in game but when I click start it says "Track not found". I dragged the extracted files into content>track folder.
    I would like to do some laps as I am racing fuji this weekend and have not been there before. Help is appreciated!
  12. Hi Andrew, I'm pretty sure the track still works as I ran some laps the other day.
  13. Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. Good to know it works!! Do you have any idea why it would say "track not found"?
  14. Not sure, I would re D/L and triple check the you have the right file in the right place.
  15. Here is the Nissan GTR for Super GT series :)

    I will go testing it, how real it is. Around Grobink it did in 1.13!!! GT3 cars are cca 8-9 seconds slower! Is this real? Will have to try the track that Super GT uses for real and compare the real times.
  16. I don't know why, but I'm stuttering whenever I lap on the track... Wonder why.
  17. I think this is a wonderful version of Fuji. Any idea when track cam will be available?
  18. Look in the rest of thread.