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Fugl Racing Team Looking for driver

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Danni Fugl, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. we are looking for a driver for a WT. no requirements other than wanting to have fun.

    PM me if you are the one
  2. I have a driver that needs to be looked at for scouting. His name is Vuki Wilson Jr. He raced Dwarf cars, on dirt ovals for 5 years now. He raced in WSDCA(Western States Dwarf Car Association) which is the biggest Dwarf car club west of the Mississippi River, and did very well. He was the 2 time Champion of his local club DART(Dwarfs At Reno Tahoe), both those seasons were the only full seasons he raced. This kid has talent. Talent that needs to be seen. He wins pretty much every race that he enters. Yes, he is a great driver, and a very humble person, but the reason I recommend him is because the drive he has to, not only win, but to make racing a better sport. He is great at setting up cars, so he is always helping anyone that need it, even if they're his biggest competition. He is just a great guy that needs a shot. He also has asphalt road course racing experience.

    Thank you for reading.
    David Richardson A1 automotive/A1 Truck&Trailer repair
    Truckee, Ca.
  3. I want be your driver in Wt
  4. Actually he has wt drivers now one is him self and second is me.