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Fuel, Tyres, Car Setup Rules?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Engima, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Hi!
    I'm a noob to this game, and do not really follow the F1 seasons IRL either. But this game makes me interested.

    However, I have some problem understanding a few things concerning car setup. In the old days I played F1 GP on Atari very much, and then I just got new and fresh tyres on every pitstop. Now there seems to be a lot of limitations. E.g. why cannot I get fresh tyres on every pitstop, and why can I not change the car setup when qualifying? To me this is a layer of abstraction which makes it hard to understand the game. I would even say that it's unnecessary for the game and would appreciate a "car setup rules" option to turn off in settings to make things easier and playable sooner. However, I will overcome this!

    Can someone please make a list of the fuel, tyres and car setup rules that affect the game so a noob can understand it? Is there maybe a "game tutorial" that list all things you need to know to understand how to play?
  2. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    no change in setup btwn quali and the race is called Parc Ferme - turn that off in settings if you want to be able to change your setup for the race.

    The tyres are limited in real life to 6 sets primes and 5 sets options, but because of the lack of Practice 1 and Practice 2 sessions in this game (only practice 3 remains) you only have 4 sets of primes and 4 of options to last you through practice 3, quali, and the race. To further complicate the matter, you are only allowed to use 3 sets of each tyre compound in the race.
    You have to manage those sets. often times when i'm making setups I will restart practice sessions over and over and use as many tyres as i want.

    Why is the game like this? Because that's what it's like in real life and that's what most of the game players want. a game that's as close to real life as possible.
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  3. Thank you very much, that was helpful! I like the realism too, but my problem is that things that are allowed or not appear like random when I'm not sure about real world rules and how they are modeled in the game.

    One more question. During a race, which set of tyres will be fit on a pitstop? I select a type before entering the pit in race, can I assume that they fit my car with the best tyres of that type that I have left?
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  4. The team will follow your race strategy and put on the tyres defined in that unless you tell them otherwise, via the quick menu. And yes they will put the best tyres of that compound that you have left.
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