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Fuel question please help!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Mike85, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. During qualifying sessions I use fuel map 3 (fast) and by doing so, my car seems to be quicker .. Is it considered cheating? is it possible to do such thing in real life?
  2. It's not considered cheating, it just uses more fuel so the engine can preform better. Not positive but I'm pretty sure you can do this in a real F1 car.
  3. thanx for the reply! :)
  4. In career mode i can't use te fuel mapping feauture? Why is this neither i can in race im in Williams!
  5. You don't have fuel simulation turned on.
  6. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    The fuel mix is something that is the same in real F1. It's not cheating at all just like a previous poster has said you will use up more fuel during the spell when it is use. You can also use it during the race but be warned you will run out of fuel of you use it too long.

    I am guessing the the issue of the Williams not having the different fuel mix available is an R&D thing. I think you will find that during the season if you complete your R&D objectives at certain races the new fuel mix will become available. It is available to the bigger teams from the start of the season.. a result of a bigger budget but the smaller teams have to work on it during the season. It was similar in 2010 with things like the engine mapping, etc.
  7. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Ahh.. I hadn't thought of the fuel sim not being on.. was typing my reply as you posted yours.
  8. make sure you have the fuel option turned to ON!
  9. and be sure to check your fuel-level during a race, just ran out of fuel in the last lap of 100% race at Monza and i was about to win....:redface::frown::mad:
  10. In real life the car gets filled up basically with as little fuel as possible to complete the race = the less fuel you have the faster you go. In this game you seem to start with 3 extra laps of fuel in your car. What I do is turn the engine up high right at the start. This makes the car as fast as possible and I usually burn the fuel down to about -2 laps. I am very light like this meaning I going faster but to finish the race you going to have to save fuel which means putting the fuel mix onto lean this will make you about 1 second slower per lap than your car would be on normal engine mode. High fuel mix makes you about 1 second faster than normal engine mode. If you do full length races there is usually plenty of laps near the end of the race to save fuel when all the battles have finished. It takes about 5 laps on lean mode to recover 2 laps of fuel. You can't run out of fuel anyway but your speed will suffer badly if you out of fuel you be limited to about 75kph. Save fuel when behind safety cars always.
  11. Thanks for replying got the mixture control