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Fuel management for 50% races all wrong !

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by blejky, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Ok. I have noticed that Fuel management for 50% race is terribly optimized. Starting the race with 1.5 laps off extra fuel in the tank and driving at standard i noticed that i am actually saving the fuel, and by the 8th lap i have 4,15 laps of extra fuel in the car.I was able to run at rich settings for the rest of the race and still head fuel left in the tank. That is ridicules. there is no need to run lean settings at ALL....
    I think that the game is not recognizing and applying (scaling down) the changes for the 50% race length correctly.
    I have found the way to correct this by reducing the fuel tank of the car by 50% and now fuel consumption is great and realistic. Moding the game is not the best way to fix this but rather it needs to be fixed by Codies.
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  2. Have never happened for me so far.
  3. AussieDucker


    I usually have around 2-3 extra laps of fuel left over at the end of a 50% race if I don't change from Standard mix.
  4. Maybe you are either shifting too early or not accelerating early enough. I have to manage fuel on 50% races and most YouTubers seem to have to manage fuel a bit too.
  5. Either way fuel levels should be going down when running on all mix levels maybe not so much no lean settings, but definitely should not be going up when running on standard mix.
  6. If they did f.e. in lean mix how would you save fuel? In my games it's always the same:
    Rich - surplus decreases/ faster lap time
    Standard - surplus increases slightly
    Lean - surplus increases fast / slower lap time
  7. In the game files
    Standard burn fuel is 1.0
    Rich - 1.35
    Lean - 0.65
    You should not be able to save fuel on Standard witch is used for majority of the race, only on Lean settings you should be saving fuel. Saving fuel on standard operating race mode is ridicules,and completely removes the need to over fuel the car so that you can run longer on rich settings.Infect you can safely under fuel the car at start and be faster without having to switch to Lean settings to make it to the end of the race.
  8. almost like they want to reward fuel efficiency
  9. Now you know how real f1 drivers feel lol
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  10. I am able to save fuel in Standard mode. I don't care what game files say ;)
    BTW: The burn rate of 1.0 doesn't necessary mean you aren't able to save fuel.
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  11. Even with standard fuel setting you can conserve fuel by coasting before braking, short shifting, and by being very easy on the accelerator after the apex. My guess is your driving style incorporates one or more of these fuel saving techniques.
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  12. I guess so, without traction control short shifting in lower gears and being easy on the accelerator after the apex is mandatory.
  13. I get what you are saying i relay do:thumbsup: driving stile can make the difference,but what is the point of having Lean settings in the game if you can save fuel on Standard just the same?
  14. Strategy. F.e. a safety car period. No need to run standard mode. So you save much more fuel than in standard which you can use after safety car in rich mix. Or you have a track where there is really only one opportunity to overtake. You set the car in lean and nobody can overtake you and put it in rich on the one and only one straight.
    I save fuel in standard yes, but on a whole race I get 1 or 1,5 laps + if I wouldn't use rich. Nothing compared to lean mode.
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  15. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    ........ also nobody has mentioned so far how the R&D option for fuel injection effects the burn rate. More R&D = more efficient fuel use, assuming it does actually have a real function in game.
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  16. If you needed to do some 'hammertime-laps' in mix3, you may have to compensate later on. Also, you can choose to remove some kg of fuel at the start, so you carry less weight, but eventually you may need to save some extra fuel. Also there's lean voor SC and VSC of course..
    I've driven a handful of 50% races now, and there's nothing wrong with the fuel-management ingame, in contrary to what the title suggests.
  17. Maybe the solution is to under-fuel the car - so you can play fuel management with some slightly added laptime.

    Otherwise, You could always mod up the fuel usage if you desires, to lean 0.8, standard 1.10, rich 1.35. This way you can have some real fuel management,

    All cars have the same fuel consumption too (without Rnd upgrades) we can make it that. It all cars are created equal too.
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  18. I already did that. Now the races are much more interesting and fun not to mention realistic. Standard 1.10, Rich 1.45 depending on how much fuel you started the race with ,Normal fuel load will lead to a lot more management during the race witch is something that every driver in f1 now is required to do.
    I dont now if the AI cars are affected by the change but i edited the fuel burn for all the teams so far i have not notice any problems.
  19. I dont now if the AI cars are affected by the change but i edited the fuel burn for all the teams so far i have not notice any problems.

    That's a good question and one I don't think we'll ever really know. I assume they would either be overruling their car, or running more in lead. Still,mperformance from the AI wise, it probably isn't going to be huge differences.

    - I guess there is one way to test it. Set everyone's else's fuel efficiencies by 10x - yours to normal, and see if the AI can finish a race? That's a fun experiment.

    You should release your high fuel management settings as a Mod. While I am sure some will not like that game style, others maybe happy with more of a challenge regarding fuel management.