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Fuel Manage Problem !

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by F1Drivers_McVega, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Hi All ,

    Our Italian Group has serious problem to safe fuel in F1 2011...

    We have to do all the race on "Standard Mix 2" and sometimes it is not enough

    But some of us are able to do half race on "High Mix 3" without any fuel safe problems

    Do you have the same problem or you know how to resolve it ?!

    We drive without any aids

    Thank you in advance for the kind reply

  2. For me it depends. In tracks like Monza, I canĀ“t go 100% on Standard having to save fuel at some point.
    I usually go 25% Lean, 60% standard and 15% Rich.
  3. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least Premium Member

    I find the issue is between using Auto gears and Manual gears.
    When i used to use Auto gearts i could use the high mix for a lot of laps and not run out of gas. But, when i switched to using Manual gears i started having a problem managing the fuel.
    Maybe there is a problem with the calculating of the fuel in the game.....

    It sucks for sure because i am never able to use the high mix for more than a lap or two.
  4. I don't have problems with fuel. If you do shortshifting and setting your 7th gear not to overrev your engine you won't have these problems too. And the other important for fuel saving is downshifting. Try to not to downshift too fast, do it like the auto gears do.
  5. sound good ... I will give it a try, but until I only have fuel for 1 lap with rich mix :cool:
  6. How you change the fuel mix settings during the race?
  7. Press the button that is assigned to "quickmenu" I think it is.
  8. I think what may be a problem is shifting with the revs too high. I think you're supposed to shift when the rev lights go red on your steering wheel, not blue.
  9. If you shift on the green lights you'll notice seamless acceleration if you watch the speedometer, I assume this is the most efficient way of shifting. If you wait until red the acceleration stops for a moment, and if you wait till blue your speed decreases on the upshift.

    I think the biggest problem for fuel though is the down shifting, I've been trying to down shift slowly and smoothly, but I still find myself only being able to use 1-2 laps on Rich setting. I also almost never spin my tires except for the start, and I try my best to upshift on the green lights. For some reason it still seems like other people are able to run rich fuel for longer.

    Edit: This is at 50% length
  10. I'll try the shifting on the green lights tomorrow, thanks.

    When it cones to downshifting in this game, you need to wait a bit on gear 4 before shifting into 3 (this reduces engine wear and chance of wheel lockup). Downshift when you hear the engine's revs drop. If the lights go on when downshifting you're over revving the engine.
  11. It's exactly what I do !!!
    As suggest by one of my friend...I try to swicht on autogear and the problem disappeared , so I've study as best as I could the way autogear is shifting (especially downshift as someelse has already said)...and I've spent one entire evening to try and the best result that I could manage was that The Red Light of "-1 Lap" it appears at the end of THE SAME LAP and not on the begin of it...so very poor improvement

    On a 100% race distance... I should drive always on Standard Mix and some Laps on Mix 3...but someone with manual gear , no aids could manage to do HALF RACE on Rich Mix :eek: !!!

    It's this that I couldn't understand how is possible ?!?!?