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Fuel indication problem

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Bryan van Berlo, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Race is 53 laps long, but when I set up my car it says '230L (47 laps)'.
    Someone told me that 145 liters are enough for the race.
    Does anybody also have this problem?
  2. This problem exists in rFactor. It just can't calculate the fuel in the right way so you have to find out how much fuel you use on your own. 145L is exacly how much fuel you will need for a WT race at Hungaroring.
  3. Never trust the ingame fuel estmation. Always use XD, Motocadd or rfdynhud tool. For correct info how much you use a lap.
  4. Dont worry Bryan, I had 188L and I finished the race yesteday (70 laps)
  5. Ok thank you all. I have rfdynhud, so I'll try to get that working for fsr soon.
  6. @bryan As i told you 145 will be enough :)And you should instal something like rfthud or gid(global info display)that will help you with fuel :)
  7. I don't recommend rfdynhud. XD plugin is much more safe and simple.