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Fuel economy question

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by benny75, May 22, 2011.

  1. Hey guys quick question Is the fuel economy different between teams in multiplayer mode. On the server last night i was I the jack Daniels 7 while the other car was Courtney's 18 both running same times over the 26 lap race but he was able to complete the race on one stop where I had to stop a second time for a
    Dash of fuel. Wasn't sure If my driving style had caused my bad economy or if it was the game settings

    Just wanted to check if so ill make sure i set the laps and our fuel multiplier settings on server so everyone is on even playing field

    Thanks in advance
  2. What lap did u pit on because you would pit on lap 13 but also if that requires fuel saving then go less braking on corners and less blipping!!!!!!
  3. The Fuel usage in the physics is the same for all cars. He was obviously using a more economical driving style.
  4. Thanks guys I thought it would be the case all the Same but wanted to make sure in case it happen to one of my members other than myself I would have the correct answer

    Did some testing and the blip was the majority of my issue the second part was the down shift

    Once again thanks for your quick response
  5. deleted
  6. Just to clarify the fuel use - in V8FU its the same for those cars which use the same fuel. In the 2010 season all cars use the E85 fuel. However in Community Edition you have access to all the cars we've built including the earlier models which used the old E10 fuel (BA, VY, VZ). E10 fuel has a higher energy density and so the same amount of fuel will go a lot further. When people are racing Community Edition cars this needs to be taken into account.

    Also there are two fuel tank sizes in V8Supercars (as of 2010): 75l and 120l. These are in the Mod as upgrades. In the real series the larger tank can only be fitted for the Enduro events.