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Fuel consumption problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by rizmal, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Hi guy i started work on my track(my very 1st one) and im very pleased how things r going,but i have 1 problem:( my track is 15.546km long i set that in my gdb file but still when im for example set 5liters for race that is 2laps(by garage meny calculation) it lasts only for half of the first lap:mad:so i have to sett fuel up to for example 30liters for 2 laps,and lots of Ai cars pulls out on the side of the track in 3 lap race after just 1 lap.How can i solve this problem so garage setting = real lap(time) fuel consumpting?
  2. i saw that posts and rised fuelusage to 350000 but still there is a gap wtih higer number of laps ,should i rise it more to 400000 or 500000???

    And 1 more question to not open new thread ,is there any explanation how to create track.tga file???I make 1 but it just wont work:(
  3. use a default car in rfactor. and start up aiw editor, then in options find recalculate fuel<(0.9796).this is why the car are out of fuel all the time.reason i say use default rfactor mods is the fuel amount of each car is preset.