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Fuel calculation: How?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Bahger, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Sorry for yet another novice question but I'm a quick study.

    I notice that, no matter how much fuel I put in the car, the fuel/distance guage readout in the cockpit HUD reads "n/a". And I do not seem to run out; when loading 2.5 gallons for quals at Interlagos, I'm pretty sure I ran at least 5 laps with no fuel low warning. I am running all "realism"-type options at the highest settings so I'm a bit baffled by what seems to be automated fuel loading.

    As usual, I might be missing something simple but I do not see any option for fuel load/calculation (apart from the metric/imperial choice) and I need to figure out fuel loads for a race, i.e. 40 laps in the F3 at Interlagos. Can anyone help? Many thanks.
  2. download xd plugin for the game you are driving
  3. Thank you.

    Can you confirm that this works with GSC2012?

    Also, is there really no way, without third-party plugins, to assess fuel quantity needed for a race?? I'd happily do the math if I had the necessary variables.
  4. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    When you see n/a, you probably have turned fuel consumption off. It is in the options menu, but on top of my head I don't recall in which of the sub menus.. There is a menu where you can set fuel consumption, tire wear etc, it can't be difficult to find. :)
  5. Thanks, Niels. I promise I did look for a fuel consumption option but missed it. I will go at it again. Thanks.

    Edit: I don't see this option anywhere. Not under Options/Difficulty or Options/Rules. It feels odd to be running quals without the ability to determine fuel quantity tactically. I'm sure you're right but I just can't find it.
  6. option>rules>ethanol usage

    anyway, setup calculate for you how much laps you can do with a certain amount of fuel, if the race is "time long" you have to calculate more o less, better more, how much laps you can do in, for example, 40 minutes and set the amount of fule conseguentely
  7. Yes it works fine for me, it is where oppolo says - options/rules/ethanol usage, from the main menu.
    Then in the car, you can scroll through the HUD screens and one of them shows fuel remaining and projected laps. I must say I have never found it very accurate, and rFDynHUD is much more so. It recalculates as you drive to give a pretty good fuel consumption and prediction figure. I am not sure if the default one does this.
  8. Thanks so much, guys. I must confess, I saw that "Ethanol Usage" tab but assumed it was about the boost. I apologise for letting it pass me by but you have to admit, it's not a very helpful title, given its true function in the sim!