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Fuel bug with Silverstone?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by wabbithunta, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Is it me or is there a "fuel" bug with the Silverstone race? I'm asking this because when I get the radio message from my "engineer" (yet another irritating plonker that feeds me false info about lap times in races... but that's a different issue to this one.)
    With this problem he is informing me that "Your almost out of fuel and need to pit in within the next two laps" and that's going past the new start/finish line (my fuel shows as two laps) but when I pass the old pit straights (start/finish line) it shows me as on my last lap of fuel, and I'm now flashing red and starting to "splutter" and slow down when I was on two laps before going past the old start/finish line. So I've done 1.5 laps of fuel in half a lap, or so it would appear.
    I've not played this game (F1 2011) in a while since I got it but I was playing this today and this is the first time I've "raced" at Silverstone on Full season 100% setting, (I've raced it in GP mode - Race only, no Practice or Qly sessions but this is in race mode, so I've not seen this before at Silverstone.
  2. Did you have fuel mix on rich and going up to high revs in your gear changes?
  3. I've been away and I didn't get your response until I logged on here and the answer is no to both.. forgot to mention it but this was also in a practice session.
    I was on "nornal" fuel setting and my gears were not high revving either. I don't have this problem with any other track just silverstone.. It shows me with 2 laps left as I cross the start/finish line but when I get to the old start/finish line, on the same lap, I am on empty and the engine is sluggish and slowing down.. (no fuel!)
    Just seems so weird that's all. It may well just be a freak/blip so I'll have to run it again to see how it goes.