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Fuel bug...extremally hard and cheaters AI

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by DriverN1, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. I play only first season of my career. So I'm really shocked when I drive today in Barcelona on Lotus. I had good first four races of my season and good qualify in Spain, so I was 12 on the grid. But race... :( it's terrible... AI passed me very quick and it was impossible to challenge with them! I noticed AI lapped in race qualify times, even faster than qualify! It's really stupid bug, they drive in Barcelona without fuel and they are so fast in race as in qualify! Are there any ideas?? Maybe are mods or patches what fix this stupid bug?
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Use the correct type of setup for your style and learn the track like your life depended on it and you will beat them no probs.
  3. I think you're not right. I play without aids and with Legend AI. So I finished 5th in Bahrain and I didn't learn track for long time. I had good races in australia, malaysia and china, but in spain I finished 24th. So you're not right. Of course problem isn't in me, my setup is ok too. there is really bug in the game. Because I saw that Hamilton made 2nd lap faster than his pole-time in qualify! Do you understand it? It's really BUG!
  4. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Yes I know its more difficult but its not impossible to overcome.

    (Edit) Sorry didnt realise its your first season in career, I was thinking about GP mode.
  5. Catalunya is bugged, there is a mod that corrects the AI on just that track (Catalunya AI Slower) or you can fix it with the perfect corner mod as well.
  6. Ok. But I found many different AI mods here. For example there are AI perfect corner mod and AI Took Kit and True AI mod and Catalunya corner fix and other. So I'm confused. I don't know what of them is better for my playing. What do you think about it? What of all AI Mods is the best?
  7. Be aware that the Catalunya mod may well stop you playing online games with F1 2010.

    What Andrew said is correct, learn the track very well. Yes the AI are faster round this track than normal, yes there is a small bug (not aknowledged as a bug by Codemasters) BUT the AI go very fast here because its the one track they get to drive far more than any other due to pre season trials.

    I used to think it was impossible to beat them there but after a lot of practice and tinkering with the car setup I can now get good results on Legend level career race.

    ALL AI mods will stop you playing online. There are mod managers that can help keep your game safe for online play though.

    Also as you do not say which platform you are using be aware that the mods are ONLY for the PC version.
  8. I'm just curious, why would installing AI mods stop you playing online when you are playing against human players? It wouldn't affect me as I'm on xbox at the moment though.
  9. At first I don't play online, I like to race with AI much more than with human. Besides I don't like any consoles, I'm PC fan and use only PC ;)
  10. @DriverN1

    Go to Google and type in this "Why are AI cars so fast at Catalunya" then click on the line that will bring you to that topic in race department (the only reason for this is that i dont kno where that topic is, in the forum, because i found it through google, but there are topics in the forum about this)

    That will take you to a topic where this issue has previously been recognised and discussed. Your not the first, nor will you be the last, to report of AI car discrepancies on that track, i think pretty much 90% of racers, me included, feel that there are issue with the AI standard on that track.

    During quali, AI are too fast and too aggressive, often taking out the human player as they charge round the track (particularly hairpin turn 5). Even on outlaps they dont back off, and all of the cars go the same speed in quali, ie HRT, virgin, Lotus all drive like Redbulls. I drive with no assists, and can annihalate the opposition on pretty much all the tracks, except for this one, where even competent drivers in a top team, find themselves battling williams, force india and Sauber for points. Clearly there are issues with the AI consistancy here...
  11. This is a well known bug that Codemasters will not fix.

    The AI on Spain is harder because the AI do not seem to recognize Tyre wear and fuel simulation, this happens on all the tracks anyways so there is one reason.

    The other reason is that the AI is badly coded, they are able to take some turns incredibly quick, it does not help that they can put out lap times like they are on the 66th lap of the race on every lap, so the front runners are doing 1:22s to 1:24s on a regular basis, which is absolutely impossible for many players to contend with, when they have a full tank of fuel on board.

    They seem to be really fast around most bends, and they are really quick on turn 7, that is the place they always pull away from me, and also many times i raced in a Grand Prix with cars behind me, they will often spin off at corner 8.

    The only corner i noticed they are slow is turn 10, they brake incredibly early for this, and many times i have overtaken 1 or 2 cars here.

    They are pretty quick for the rest of the lap, specially through the chicane, however accidents with the AI is common here, many times i have come through here avoiding cars.

    Spin offs seem so much rarer on other tracks on Legend AI, they happen but not to the extent of Spain, also i notice the AI is incredibly stupid in Spain, they do not get slipstream even if they are directly behind you, and they will not pass you at all, if your keeping the pace up and make no mistakes.

    AI that are driving 2-7 seconds quicker then you, should have the ability to pass you, but it seems they cant even do that, and will form trains behind you for most of the grand prix.

    Its not til the last 10 laps of the race, that a player is able to come down to the times of the leaders, but at this time you have probably been lapped 1-3 times by the front runners, and there is no chance of catching them up by that point.

    My last attempt, i managed to finish 16th... And i started on Pole, which was over a second faster then any other driver in Qualifying.
  12. In the patch codemasters added a checking routine that looks at the AI database and others to see if they have been modified. This is because AI can be added to an online race and the cars grip/power can also be modified, so both databases are checked.
  13. I dont think it is something that they won't recognise, but rather they can't be bothered to make the amend. I think they are releasing 2011 in September, I guess that all their development is being pushed into that.

    Does anyone know of a good mod for managing mods, as I like to use True AI 1.4, but at professional level at the moment as legend is too much.

    I found using mods for offline play is much better, for example, when I'm not tucked right behind race leader, they seem to fly off and do silly speeds, seems as though by having someone follow them, it slows them down.

    I have more fun using mods for the AI than I did with the normal AI, but saying this, I have MUCH MUCH more fun playing online.
  14. There are a few Mod managers in the Mod section.