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Fuel ammount rant

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Veselko Lakobrija, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Hay all
    Have a little complaining to do about the overview of the ammount of the fuel left in our car. I find the current system rather poor. Hell.... completly useless. There is no way of telling how much is left. And by reading the info on the HUD it says either +2 laps or w/e the nr of laps or optimum which i´m not sure when it appears, im guessing 2-3 laps before the fuel lamp starts blinking/flashing, nor do i know what optimum is suppose to mean. I really think there should be an more accurate way for this info.
    While on subject:
    Has anybody actually ran out of the fuel during their races?
  2. Yes,if you run mix 3 you will run out of fuel.
    For example:Last time i run out of fuel was on 50% race something like 4 laps before the finish.
    That`s why you have to use Mix 1 if you are not attacking or not being chased.
  3. I´m always on mix 3. This is another reason i found why is it better to run atleast 50% races...
  4. when theres is optimum fuel ammount thats when you know you should run standard mix 2
  5. Always? wow, i just can do a 2 or 3 laps with mix 3 without running out of fuel and the end (50% race).Sometimes i have to change to mix 1 because the info say optimum. I dont trust in that "optimum" there was one time were 1 couldn't finish fine because of that.

    PD:Sorry for my english
  6. I find I can usually do about 20-30% of a 100% race on mix 3, unless I get lapped. I tend to find I burn fuel less quickly at the start of the race, even when on mix 3. Alternatively it might be that the guage is altering due to my driving style. Either way I can tend to do the first 6-8 laps on mix 3 while remaining on +3 fuel.

    Anyway - I think the bug is that it rounds fuel remaining badly. Optimal covers everything from -0.5 laps to +0.5 laps. I tend to try to aim for the +1/optimial boundary, though of course if I'm expecting to get lapped I'll go deeper.

    I'm pretty sure you never actually run out of fuel. Instead the engine stutters and you go really really slow.
  7. Okay I do 100% races. Basically you go to mix 3 to burn your fuel off to optimum. The faster you go the more fuel you use so usually you can get more laps on mix 3 at the start of the race when the cars are going slower with heavier cars. The later you use the extra fuel seems to get through the extra fuel very quickly. You can go into - fuel laps but to finish the race you will then have to run low engine mode to recover the fuel. I sometimes go as far as -3 laps if I'm chasing someone hard and then as soon as pass then whack it down to engine 1. It takes about 3-4 laps on fuel 1 to recover a lap of fuel. You can run out on a low optimum so while it hard to tell you want it to be in the middle of that level really. You can run out of fuel and what happens is for about 1lap you will only have a top speed of about 75kpm and then I think you will come to a complete stop. I ve had to coast in a few times >.<. You want the red flashing light to come on about 1.5 laps from the end and then you should just about make it.
  8. I do 50% races. As with everyone, I start with +3 laps of fuel, on standard throttle map. Depending on my race strategy, I usually run standard for the first stint, then run on rich (mix 3) when I'm either being chased, chasing someone, or am on options. As soon as fuel hit's "optimum" I switch back to standard. I've only ever ran out of fuel once, going through the final corner in Barcelona.
  9. I've ran out lots of times, even when running standard through the entire race, sometimes even if it says "Optimum" you might not last the entire last lap, happened to me a couple of times actually.

    Driving style and setup affects fuel usage. Running high revs and being very agressive on the throttle will use up more of your fuel. I usually run standard throughout the whole race unless I desperately need to make up time. If I go to mix 3 I naturally have to compensate by using mix 1 for a while so that I don't run out at the end.

    Fuel usage is actually one thing I think CM have modelled pretty good except for the little "bug" where Optimum doesnt necessarily mean that you will last for the entire race since you actually can run out in the last few corners anyway..;)
  10. Yeah, just ran a 50% race on Silverstone and raced on Standard for most of the race. I don't get it though, if I start off with the menu saying that I have +3 laps fuel and run all of it on standard, shouldn't it maintain that +3 or at least +2? I say this because after running the entire race on standard the fuel gauge starting flashing about 1 1/2 laps before the finish and ran the entire last lap on mix 1.
  11. I guess standard doesnt automatically mean "optimal", you might have to save fuel either way.
  12. "Standard" just means you're using standard un-riched fuel mix. If you're hiting the rev limit before changing gears or while maxing 7th gear you'll burn the fuel much quicker, even on "Standard".