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Fuchs 100 Decal BJR

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Gavin.G, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Any one have a good pic or link to the Fuch 100 decal that appears on the rear guard of both BJR cars?
  2. best i could find

  3. [​IMG]

    Hope it helps.
  4. Thanks for your help guys, skins are done!
  5. That was fast, Gavin! Great stuff. Look forward to the updates. :D
  6. Damn it! If I knew you guys were hunting a photo of the BJR rear quarter I could have taken one when I was having a tour of the BJR garage.
  7. i know the sticker bloke there so i can ask for the actual file if youd like?
  8. Hi Tim. I made one up but don't really know how accurate it is. I use the one from the picture above. Barg's car. If this is close or if we can get a better picture so I can read the hole thing rather then just guess work would be great.