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FSR WS Prize Money Distribution 2010

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Dennis Hirrle, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. With three more races left in the season (including the Hungary re-run), here's what the Club Board has decided in terms of prize money distribution.

    The 1500,- € prize purse for the Top-15 drivers will be broken down as follows:

    1st 250
    2nd 210
    3rd 180
    4th 155
    5th 130
    6th 110
    7th 90
    8th 75
    9th 60
    10th 50
    11th 40
    12th 35
    13th 30
    14th 25
    15th 20

    Please note: Pre-season we had announced the Top 20 drivers to receive Prize Money. However, we figured that doing so would produce very low values for the P16-P20 positions, therefore it seemed wiser to only award the Top 15 drivers with prize money, but with higher amounts each.
    We understand the P16-P20 drivers may feel disappointed by this, therefore the league would like to grant these drivers a 25% discount on their 2011 FSR licence no matter which division.
    We hope this is a compromise that makes you happy, and the good news with all that is, that the total amount is actually higher than 1500€.

    Additionally, we will send out a trophy for the drivers champion.

    How to receive your prize money:

    You have from after Hungary (re-run) until November 30th 2010 to send a Private Message (via this forum) to Pedro Rodrigues who will take care of the cashouts.
    Please do not send us anything before Hungary race.
    In the PM please include your name, your amount of € and your paypal paying address.
    Please note we can only payout via paypal. Only in special cases we can also make bank transfers.

    If we receive nothing until the date mentioned above, the ISR Club will keep this money for its budget.
    Please make sure we do receive your PM by just asking.
    From the WS Driver Champion we also need a post address for getting the trophy to you.

    Thank you for participating in the FSR World Series this year and congratulations to all winners.
    Through paying for your licence at the start of the year you have enabled the Club to increase its prize purse immensely (total of 3500€ vs. approx 700€ in 2009) compared to previous years, leading to very close and fascinating action on track along with increasing traffic, broadcast & race recap statistics and general interest, not to forget the building of our own Mod meanwhile being used by about a dozen other leagues kindly asking for permission. Also, sponsors like GTOmega and Online-Marketing-Europe have helped stabilizing our Club funds and keeping the thing healthy. Thanks for the support.

  2. Wow, great prizes !
  3. Now that the WS results are final, Top15 drivers don't forget to contact me as per above instructions. ;)

    Congrats to all of you!
  4. Hoi Pedro,

    Did u receive my pm?

  5. You've a pm, pedro

  6. Awesome!!!! do us slow boats in WT get championship penies?!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. No Ben. :p
  8. Hi Cyril, I didn't got any PM from you...
    Only from others...
  9. Ok Pedro, now u have a pm from me.