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FSR Winter Series 2013 (merged)

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. The champion of the Winter Series will receive a free drivers license for 2013

    ALL the drivers who competed in all 6 races will be elected to win a free drivers license for 2013.
  2. Entry fee: Free for all

    Mod used: Formula Renault 3.5, a full rfmod file including all cars and tracks will be released soon.

    Liveries: No custom liveries, different colourcoded FSR General Cars

    Setups will be locked to default with the options to adjust steeringlock, brake pressure and bias, fuel, tire compound and frontwing.
    Upgrades will be locked

    Saturday 19.01. Estoril
    Saturday 26.01. Malaysia
    Saturday 02.02. Lime Rock
    Saturday 09.02. Long Beach
    Saturday 16.02. Sebring
    Saturday 23.02. Mid Ohio

    Depending on the attendance we will run up to 2 grids, to give everyone the chance to participate. With more then 36 drivers allocated as confirmed a Grid 2 race will be organized.

    Saturday, 16:15 GMT: Server opens for PQ 1
    Saturday, 16:25 GMT: Pre-Qualifying Group 1
    Saturday, 16:40 GMT: Server opens for PQ 2
    Saturday, 16:45 GMT: Pre-Qualifying Group 2
    Saturday, 17:00 GMT: Server opens for PQ 3
    Saturday, 17:05 GMT: Pre-Qualifying Group 3
    Saturday, 17:20 GMT: G1 Practice
    Saturday, 17:35 GMT: G1 Qualifying 15min
    Saturday, 17:50 GMT: G1 Warmup
    Saturday, 18:00 GMT: G1 Race

    Saturday, 19:20 GMT: G2 Practice
    Saturday, 19:35 GMT: G2 Qualifying 15min
    Saturday, 19:50 GMT: G2 Warmup
    Saturday, 20:00 GMT: G2 Race

    Race distance:
    The Race distance is set to about 180km which will take about 60m, please check the gpcos for the Distance in each race. Grid 2 will run 50% distance with x2 Fuel and tyre usage.

    Aids Allowed are: Auto Clutch, Traction Control (Low), Anti-Lock Brakes (Low)

    As the allocation count will be needed to determine wether a Grid 2 race will be organized it is important that everyone allocates for the races and keeps their allocation up to date. The count of allocations will be taken on Friday evening 23:59 GMT and only confirmed allocations will be considered, uncertain allocations will be ignored for the count. Late allocations wont be allowed to participate in Pre Qualy but will be allowed to participate if any Grid is not full. Not attending an allocated race will result in a penalty.
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  3. Until FSR has it´s own Server again I opened up a Server on my own one.

    Name: Formula Simracing Winter Series
    Password: fsr13
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  4. Please note the change of the Race Distance measure.
  5. To register for the Winter Series log into your GPcos account and send a request to join the team "FSR Winter Season Team" in the Winter Series.
  6. Could we finish the races? with full fuel tank I think is not enough to finish 44 laps, or at least is too tight. And refueling isn't allowed in pit stops with this mod.

    I've needed 30 liters to do 14 laps (or 15, I don' remember, I have to try again), but it was a very slow rythm ... I think that consumption could be somewhat higher in race.

    Sorry if I'm wrong.
  7. By my estimation the fuel will last about 50 laps on this track, so there is a pretty save margin to 44. I don´t think anyone will be able to get that high consumption.
  8. ok please add me so i can confirm allocation:)
  9. I take it we are not allowed to do fuel stops then?
  10. what are the estimated laptimes for estoril track?
  11. Sorry... I'm stupid, I was testing with FIA F2!!! I've lost 2 hours of my life.
  12. does anybody know maybe where the trackcam files are in rfactor 2?
    its not storing them in the rfactor 2 map where game is installed
    rf1 was gamedata/locations/etc

    But here i am biassed
  13. I can't find the server at the moment. Is it up?
  14. It seems the server disconnected from the Matchmaker, it´s back up now.
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  15. whens the full rfmod file including all cars and tracks being released...... i mean, come on, we got 1 d 14 h 57 m 27 s left to race 1
  16. unfortunately I can´t tell you that as the release of the Mod relies on some external factors. I hope we can release it today though. If it´s not released today we can use the standard ISI Mod for the first race though.
  17. OMG!! I want to take part in it!!! My favorite mod and track!!!! So after 00:00 today i must register, or what??? or just come on server and RACE? And how field will be spred to grid 1& 2??

    P.S. Finally...
  18. request send
  19. You must register at the GPCOS for Formula Sim Racing (http://gpcos.formula-simracing.net/)

    After registering, go to your "Control Center" and click "Start Driving". In the drop down menu, click FSR Winter Series Team and press Add Request. An admin will then check and confirm/deny you for the league.

    After you have been confirmed, go back to "Control Center" and click "Maintain Driver Allocations". Click the race you want to participate, (This weekend is Estoril) and say whether you will participate or not :)

    You can view the current participation list HERE
    I hope I answered your questions quickly! I have nothing better to do! :laugh:
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  20. Request sent also!