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FSR Teamspeak 3 Server Details

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Dennis Hirrle, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. FSR TS3:
    Server: ts.00freebuild.info
    Port: 8800
    Pass: nogerries

    TS3 Download:

    We offer each team to have its own Channel (password protected).
    For any teams, please contact me if you'd like to have a channel, thanks!

    We encourage you to use this TS during the race-weekends (or any other time), you being a driver, team manager, spectator - anyone is welcome.
    It is going to help us a lot with making the broadcasts more interactive.
  2. When i opened up TS3 there was a big update it seems as i get this message when trying to join.

  3. Server is updated now.
  4. do we still have a ts server? or will we have one for season
  5. Can have a TS3 channel for BBR?
  6. i cant find the server so i guess we dont have one this year?
  7. We wont have an official Teamspeak Server for this round, this will be added later.
  8. Request is still active :)
  9. Done.
  10. can i have one for knight too
  11. Done. Can also create password for your team channel's at request (pm me if needed)
  12. thanks a lot!!
  13. Hi, can we have a channel for the GBG and MGB teams ? will send pwd by pm
  14. Is this still running in 2012?
  15. 2013?