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FSR Status update

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Karim Wezenberg, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Thanks for the update and all the work behind the scenes so far, much appreciated. I don't have any questions at the moment but i do have 2 (small) suggestions that might be helpful:

    - Remove slow outlap in Q: If it's possible it would be good to remove slow outlap needed from the tyres for a Faster time/hotlap in Q. In other words normal/fast outlap= Faster hotlap. Not only will this save (testing) time but it will also prevent drivers on their slow outlaps, getting in the way of drivers on their fast hotlaps and should decrease frustration and penalties. This is especially the case if Q will only have 1 Hotlap available as you will have no second chance. If this modification is not possible in the tyre physics then maybe there is another way to remove slow outlaps?

    - The staff knows how to deal with this best, but speaking as a past/future WS driver, it's nice for WS drivers to be able to do at least 5 WC races in a season. As we have seen there in past seasons some of the WS/Ace drivers put in some good performances and were a worthy addition to the WC grid. However this is purely a personal opinion and i realise people can vary on this subject.

    ps: great to see Refueling coming back and strategy becoming a bigger part of racing again.
  2. Hey Karim,

    We will try to fix that issue.

    That rule will be the same as 2011 season most probably.
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  3. Great stuff once again, im looking forward to the highlights, thanks for organizing this David and the other staff members, im a big fan :)
  4. if it need I'm available in mod testing.
  5. Any news on mod? would like to work on cars :p
  6. Still early :)
  7. im guessing were using rf2 from start of season whilst games in beta?
  8. their surely working so hard on the mod hence why there's no news :)

    im really looking forward to the entertainment show coming back, great action on track all around.
  9. Yes, Chris.
  10. What about the tracks needed will they all be available for rF2?
  11. they are most likely being made / converted by the FSR team or some1 close to them :) im sure david will reveal the info at some stage.
  12. Awesome cheer's Scott!

    Looking forward to finally having a run this year last year got all out of wack and i missed all of the races :(
  13. Hi,
    I was just wondering if there was any news on World Trophy as to when it is being run and the rules re-guarding this series?
    Rothmans Racing is looking to enter a team here after being away for the past 2 seasons, so the information is important to see who wants to race, the money side is not as important as the aids allowed and the time.
    Thanking you in advance.

    Brian Oates
    Rothmans Racing
  14. We will announce soon the World Trophy race times. But most likely they will be on Saturday afternoon.

    Regarding the rules, they will be shared some days before the season starts. However, don't expect big changes from last season. Aids allowed in WT will be Traction Control and Anti-lock brakes on low setting.
  15. any news?