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FSR - Silverline Racing Joins the FSR Grid

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ben Ross, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Silverline Racing Joins the FSR Grid

    Despite the fact that motorsport worldwide is reeling from the current global credit crunch, it has been revealed that a new FSR team will be taking to the grand prix starting grid.

    Sim Racing websites have reported that the new squad – called Silverline Racing – has been rumoured for some time now, and with a group approach to the team's leadership, led by team manager Rizwan Sarwar and highly-respected technical and design guru Camilo Nino, whose cars have shown they can maintain the pace at very high levels of sim racing, are looking to be as competitive as possible right out of the gates.

    It is claimed that the new team – which began to take shape following Williamson Dynamics withdraw from FSR this season, have received the blessing of the FSR governing body to participate at the next grand prix -the car is currently being unveiled to the public , and looks to be ready to make its FSR debut as early as Valenica.

    Silverline Racing will allegedly have its outfit at a brand new facility within close proximity of the Silverstone Racetrack. When asked if that had anything to do with the naming of the team, Mr. Sarwar commented that it was purely coincidence but has certainly given the team a bit of extra press. There could also be a Canadian headquarters in Vancouver, Canada where it is rumoured that the car was originally designed.

    It is claimed that Sarwar and the team's goal was to bring more unity to the ogranization of team management in a more structured and balanced approach. Due to this, Silverline Racing will see both drivers and technology from many parts of the globe.

    To start out, Silverline will be placing 2 cars in each of the World Series and World Trophy divisions of FSR. There are rumours circulating around as to who will fill the seats in Valencia but nothing has yet been confirmed. Mr. Sarwar did mention that we can all be certain that the drivers are already known within the FSR community and will use their previous race experience to build on what has already been a great start to the launch of Silverline Racing.

  2. Solid press releases deserve to be rewarded ---> RD front page during the week! :wink:
    Thanks guys, decent paint job, good dedication.
    Wish you good luck in your debut and further!
  3. Very nice looking vehicle :).

    Disappointed not to see Plato's ugly mug in here though ;)
  4. Amazing car, easily the best looking car on the grid. Most of all best of luck guys!
  5. Thanks Guys. We are really excited and looking forward to the challenge.
  6. good to see you again ex (or current again? i have no idea, LOL) partners. best of luck :)
  7. wow great looking car guys!!!!!!

    have fun and hope you guys get fast results
  8. Good luck guys.
    Brilliant livery there, colour scheme is fantastic!
  9. Nice car and good luck guys!
  10. Very nice looking car! Good luck for the rest of the season.
  11. Very solid and nice car!
    Btw:Im looking WT seat :p
  12. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    This is an awesome press release. FSR is all business--from their broad cast, race replays, and even articles. Just great!
  13. really great job guys - keep up the professionality alive and you will do well, surely! All the best wishes for your FSR career.
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Good luck with that fantastic looking car :thumb: