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FSR rFactor Server Details

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Dennis Hirrle, May 4, 2010.

  1. Dear Members,

    FSR's server is located in Germany (Coburg) at http://www.ngz-server.de.

    Server Details:

    Name: Formula-Simracing.net
    Password: ---

    Currently running
    Track: Monza
  2. Is it up atm? :)
  3. Ah oke thanks David. :)
    Now i only need to find it in the lobby because i dont see it. I will try to connect through Direct Ip. :)
  4. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I might give this a go when I have some time and see how far I am of simracing gods :)
  5. says on live timing that not getting updates is server up?
  6. Server is up, but the Live Timings gone faulty!
  7. any chance the server can be put up so can go on do some practice in the morning?
  8. It's up now. :)
    Live Timing is also working again.
  9. Hey Guys ,I wanted to ask that when server goes up again?
    I`d liked to try FSR 2010 Montreal
    Thank You.
  10. Server is up, Karl.
    Name has slightly changed and password is removed.
  11. Is the server up? I couldn't find it on the list, there was the official FSR Server, but it had a password...
  12. It's up, yep. You best search it via IP.
    Let us know if you still can't get on it.
  13. Hey

    Hey Guys I don`t want to push ,but It`s possible to get next track on server allready to day? :D
    Thank You!
  14. Haha, funny! :D Give us a small break.
    We'll start working on Valencia now and when it's good to go it will be released. Possibly Wednesday.
  15. :D

    hehhee :D Just asking :D Sorry for rushing :D
  16. hi, there is no server online? So everyone is just practicing offline until raceday? Isn't that a bit boring?
  17. Yes there is server online ,but atm they prepare the valencia circut ,server should come online soon !
  18. We can't setup a server without a track, Chris. ;)

    Valencia will be released tomorrow (Thursday) morning and the server will then be up with it.
  19. Sorry, thought there might be a server with Catalunya or the Montreal online. O, so I will go to bed now and in the morning I turn my Simsync on and I'll see at Valencia! :)