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FSR Old days... 2009

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. When I see those 2008 spec cars, makes me want going back to 2009 season...
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  2. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Good times indeed :whistling:
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  3. CTDP 2006 mod, massive grip and downforce, refueling, no tire savings. Well it was sort of fun.
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  4. Nice video but I think now is a better time becouse of rF2
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  5. Not much wrong with this years car other than the insane grip, although last years mod was better and more fun to drive imo.

    Nice video though, shame fsr doesn't have more of that. The cars from that era looked awesome too.
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  6. WC pole in China was 1:34.3, 2013 F1 (which FSR car is based on) pole time from Hamilton was 1:34.4. I wouldn't call it insane grip.
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  7. Both are fun in their own different ways, I'm sure we can agree on that. The current mod has so much immersion with different strategies and different tire wear.
  8. I think that cornering at over 7G is insane, despite what laptimes say :)

    PS: Nice to see myself in that video :D
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  9. We are without KERS, but ye it is very close. I believe the track configuration in the game makes that difference every time.
  10. What we all agree is that at least the 2008 Spec looks way better than this ones. I dunno if there are good 3D models in rFactor 2 of 2006-2007-2008 spec cars but if there are would be amazing to bring it back.
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  11. I actually quite like the look of these 2012ish cars. Althought previous cars were beautiful as well.
  12. I think to make it interesting for causal viewer FSR should use newest possible models so it won't look outdated. My personal favorites are mid 90s cars though.
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  13. B194 :inlove:
  14. It seems for some people its very hard to believe, what an incredible Downforce a F1 car have. Especially the 2011-2013 ones.

    And the 7G are only some value which some software give you out. Thats nothing real. I would give a **** on this value ;) You should test with acceleration and braking if the value works correctly ;)
  15. By the way 2009-2010 Bridgestone slicks had even more grip than current **** Pirellis. That is for some guys bitching about "excessive" grip levels.
  16. We are braking too late too... Its insane the braking points on low fuel...
  17. not really, they brake very late irl too, Bottas for an example was braking at 50m board to t1 in Malaysia 2013. I was braking between 100 and 50, again the tracks aren't that accurate tho.
  18. Brake distances are way smaller compared to last year, you will notice it in Monza ;)
  19. Why in Monza especially, I saw people having 332 top speed in China, dont think 8-15 kmh (depending the setup) will make that big difference.
  20. Because in Monza the braking points are quite far from the corner and this year will be quite close, easier to notice. But for me its just insane how late we brake.