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FSR Media Questionnaire

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by James Sadler, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. James Sadler

    James Sadler
    GhostSpeed Racing Manager Premium

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  2. Done
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  3. Same here
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  4. i am done
  5. Just did it. I wanted to post a video here from Giuseppe Rainieri who did a great work. Maybe can inspire us.

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  6. done :)
  7. yeah Peppe's was crazy good, I didn't know he had that talent to be honest :S made my race edits look terrible XD.
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  8. I know Peppe worked a lot during 7 days in order to this this 12 minutes vid. But I think that a good promotion of the league during the preaseason could be very good. For example promote the Winter Series with these kind of videos, posting in facebook, twitter racedepatment... can attract people to participate and watch. Maybe Peppe's videos is the best rFactor vid I've ever seen, also if you look his channel has many other rFactor intro vids like the F1-SR 1994 intro.

    Maybe the only way to achieve his quality is him making the vids, but anyway doing something similar could be awesome. Also Lewis thanks for your work you done great job :thumbsup:
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  9. Yeah I remember him frantically asking me if there was any commentary for a race that was never broadcasted (which was Abu Dhabi), luckily we did record comms for it but there was no video, so he had to go through it as just video and find the specific bits he wanted. Took ages to make but it is very very good. Very nice spotlight for it, and the same can be done for here and FSR :) Just takes some serious dedication.
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  10. As usual it's easy to ask for cool things :) the problem is that you have to find the correct guy in the correct moment. Talking about that video, if Rainieri wasn't racing there (in fact he won these series, so I guess he enjoyed it and probably motivated him to make the video) that video wouldn't exist, most likely. So in other words, the community has also to step up as well, instead of just waiting and thinking "someone else will do it" ;)
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  11. that is why i am here.....mostly 24/7
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  13. the truth is that James is willing to do something that most people aren't, and even then to do them to a pretty decent quality and what has improved over a few videos that have been edited.

    Considering I tried at the start of the season and lost motivation after a few videos cause reasons, I commend James for doing them and to a decent quality that I get the feeling we will all see decent improvement from. Because he has accepted criticism as a way he can improve :)
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