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Fsr Manager trouble

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Miguel Seoane, May 30, 2011.

  1. Hi

    When i put the rfactor folder on Fsr manager,it give that trouble


    i have windows 7

  2. I seem to have the same problem and I use Vista.
  3. Georgios i had a problem with w7 64 bit,i guess its a similar issue.

    nobody has happened?
  4. Looks like you guys are using UAC, either turn it off in your Windows Control Panel, or copy your UserData directory to the location which it mentions.

    Note that if you use UAC and you have the UserData directory in both locations, the Manager will most likely give another error, so just keep it in one location.
  5. Hi Mikko

    i tryed to turn off UAC,but it give the same problem.

    after,i copyed compatybility files to user data and now the directoty folder its ok,but when i clic run rfactor,it get this errors

    and: error saving log

    and then when i close rfactor:

    :pcbeat: :pcbeat::pcbeat::pcbeat:
  6. Hey Miguel,

    make sure that your Windows user account has permission to write in to the rFactor install directory, this should fix it.
  7. I get a box that says "Dublicate profile not allowed (rFactor folder + My Documents)."
  8. Hi Miko!

    Yes,it was the Windows user account.
    now working Ok!

    thank you very much! :)
  9. Hi Georgios,

    If you have UAC enabled, then remove your profile directory (rFactor\UserData\Georgios Davakos) from the rFactor install, and vice versa if you have UAC disabled, remove your profile directory from My Documents. This should fix it.
  10. Thank you Mikko once again, I actually only had to take the PLR file to the desktop from the My Documents path to stop all the errors.
  11. No problem, I'm glad both of your problems are solved :).