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FSR Manager + FileSubmit

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. FSR Manager for rFactor 2 can now be downloaded from the mod download page. Thanks to Christian Smirnoff for continued support to rFactor 2. The use of FSR Manager is mandatory during a race weekend. You will not be able to join the server during weekend without manager running. Everyone should test that the manager runs fine on their system before the race weekend. An issue noticed last minute with the software is not a valid excuse to not run the tool.

    What is FSR Manager?

    FSR Manager is an exclusive tool of Formula SimRacing continuously being developed by Christian Smirnoff. FSR Manager is the most powerful anti-cheat tool available for rFactor, and the only tool that has seen continuous development for rFactor 2. For security reasons, details of FSR Manager's power will not be exposed. The Manager produces logs of a driver's session for the Administrators to review. Every driver has to start rFactor 2 through the FSR Manager for every official event.

    Read excact race weekend procedures for FSR Manager here and FileSubmit instructions here. If you have any further questions about the procedures, feel free to ask them here.
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  2. When I link it to my rF2 Root folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor2) it says underneath:

    -rFactor 2 folder check... FAIL (Data folder not found)

    What have I done wrong? :p
  3. when I checked if worked here I pointed it to my rfactor2 file but the driver name came up as player is this right what should I change
  4. Yes this is right.

    Test right clicking FSR Manager, "run as administrator" and see if problem repeats. If so, we should discuss this in PM further.
  5. Run as admin didn't work.

    But, I moved FSR Manager out of "rFactor2\FSR2014Tools\FSR2014Tools" and into "\rFactor2". I also moved "hashes.dat" into the same place (was getting an error that the file wasn't found) and now it seems to have fixed the problem.

    So for me, FSR Manager and hashes.dat must be in the rF2 root folder, not in any other folder like last year

    EDIT: When i click run rFactor, I get another error! "Error applying patch." - but the launcher still loads
  6. Test again with "run as admin" and see if it gets rid of the second error. You basically won't be able to join the server on weekend with the patch error.
  7. do the files have to be in root rfator2 files or can they be seperate
  8. Still the same, error applying patch.

    EDIT: Moved over all the relevant files into the rF2 root folder and it works now. (FSR Manager, FSR FileSubmit, component.dat, hashes.dat and ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll)
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  9. Good.
    It shouldn't matter where FSR manager is installed unless you have some UAC restrictions or not full admin account on PC.
  10. FSR manager updated to fix small issue with filesubmit. Download new package from same link. This is the final update for this weekend.
  11. is everyone elses driver name listed as player??
  12. Some reason for me it does. Don't have UAC and I am a full un-restricted admin on my C: drive :p Must be some weird glitch
  13. It has been tested on a PC without UAC as well, but there are so many operating systems and scenarios I guess this will always happen to some.

    Doesn't matter if it says player. Important thing is to type real name when you submit file with FileSubmit.
  14. I just renamed both the folder and file named player to my real name, and now it works correctly as well.
  15. Interesting. I was on the full version of rF2 before, and it had to be inside the rF2 folder. Just tried it on rF2 lite and it's fine being placed anywhere. I guess it's a bug with full/lite and where things get placed! Ahh well, least it works :)

    Along the lines of where things get placed it could be because i had no rF2 folder in My Documents, I kept everything within the rFactor2 folder in Program Files, where-as after a re-install, I have a folder in my docs. :thumbsup: Either way, if someone has this problem, the answer's been found :laugh:
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
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  16. Had the same thing as Jonathan and his fix works for me as well. Thanks for posting about it, Jonathan!
  17. Just rename your player.plr file to yourname.plr and the folder name also, should be okey.
  18. That's indeed possible. However, if you prefer to keep your profile as "player", don't worry, FSR FileSubmit will automatically add your name when submitting the log, admins will still be able to know it's your log.
  19. I sent PQ log and replay via file submit tool. But if I want send Q1 replay and R log, it shows:
    "Selected Qualifying 1 VCR is not a Hotlap Replay."

    Im sure I have correct file. So I sent it via email to be sure.
  20. You must send not the whole Q1 session replay, only your hotlap.