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FSR 2015 Calendar

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Thomas Mundy, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. The 2015 calendar for World Championship, ACE and PRO series in FSR has been confirmed and approved by the President and the TOA and is the following (diaries at the ready):

    4th/5th April 2015 Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne
    11th/12th April 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang
    25th/26th April 2015 Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai
    16th/17th May 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix, Sakhir
    30th/31st May 2015 Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal
    13th/14th June 2015 Austrian Grand Prix, Spielberg
    27th/28th June 2015 German Grand Prix, Hockenheim
    11th/12th July 2015 British Grand Prix, Silverstone
    29th/30th August 2015 Italian Grand Prix, Monza
    12th/13th September 2015 Luxembourg Grand Prix, Nurburgring
    26th/27th September 2015 Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore
    3rd/4th October 2015 Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka
    17th/18th October 2015 United States Grand Prix, Austin
    7th/8th November 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos

    Glossier version to follow. :)
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  2. Decent calendar, love the fact that tracks like Austria and Singapore are on. However if the reasonings for no Monaco is due to track version then there is a brilliant version by RaceRfactor which has been released on RaceDepartment in fact. If it's another reason, eg. would be difficult for PRO drivers or something like that then fair enough. Which version of Singapore will be used? And will there be wet races in FSR this year?

    Really want to participate this year but that depends on 2 things. 1. Whether I can get my wheel fixed, and 2. Whether I can practice enough to get into ACE, cos I don't really want to race in PRO (if PRO is on Sunday afternoons like it was) cos that time is a bit difficult for me to manage every week. Obviously I will be watching all the WC races as usual.
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  3. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    Nice calendar.
    Also, wouldn't it be a great idea to release the mod? I mean, I have to get liveries designed among many other things.
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  4. Just checking, does this mean we can register the teams now? I don't want to leave it too late and I don't know when I should, but anyway there are some very good races on the list, looking forward to it!
  5. I think the template will not change to last year. so optical its the same car.
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  6. No Spa again? :cry:
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  7. Unfortunately Spa is still too buggy. I totally sympathise with you Dmitry as Spa is my favourite track but its not possible at the moment. We will keep our eyes on that for any change in situation though. In reply to James, licence fees and applications will probably be up tomorrow. We are finalising details of the licences at the moment with myself and the TOA.
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  8. Also want to say, my AI series is using rFactor 2 this year, and all the tracks apart from Nurburgring that are on this year's calendar are on the calendar, so if you want any help with track graphics (eg. adding nightlights to the Bahrain track) then I'm willing to send you some of my track updates. Also may be a bit off topic but will the TV Style used on the broadcasts last year be released to the public eventually?
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  9. Nice! miss Spa :((( I want to take and say I'm looking for a team to pro or ace
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  10. Renan my server is nearly ready sorry for delay been busy.

    I had an idea guys. I know Spa is absent from the calendar as the legal versions are all glitchy. I have a version from RFT 2013 which appears to be fine. YES I KNOW that it's probably a conversion but my question is, why can't we modify the track so that it isn't a carbon copy? I know you guys edit the tracks and that so they are suitable for the race weekends so why can't we change the surface, objects, kerbs, textures etc so that we aren't just using a complete illegal copy?

    Sorry if this question is typical stupidity from me.
  11. Will, it is not a legal issue. That is not the case.
  12. ah k, because RFT 2013 version feels alright I just assumed that was the case. Only issue I found was that ai kept going off at one corner but that was just them. I don't recall any issues at Eau Rouge as reported with other versions.
  13. That might be worth a look
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  14. I have seen 101 different Spa versions for rF2, they are all based on conversion from same game with bumpy Eau Rouge. I'm glad to be proven wrong though :)
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  15. Bit bumpy but couldn't we edit the surface a little bit?
  16. Already done it for version we used in 1992 ASR winter season, it didn't fix the wall bug. Video below is from original unedited version

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  17. Here's my version without bumps download. If that bug doesn't appear with 2015 car during testing, maybe it can be considered...
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  18. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    In the ASR 1992 race one car stopped dead at the apex of Eau Rouge.
    However the car was so high on the kerb that the Inside wheels (edit it was the outside wheels IE right hand turn left side wheels in contact with kerb, the inside wheels were well over the kerb) were in contact with it. Its my view that IRL that line would not be possible as the tea tray would have hit the rumble strip and been destroyed and secondarily (and less terminally) any diffuser downforce lost. So that crash was not a bug in my view. Most likely that a part of the car hit a physical object.
    Possibly worth testing the 2015 mod before Spa is dismissed.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2015
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  19. Looks promising... let's see if someone can reproduce it with 2015 mod. Kris put up a server and feedback thread here. Might be good to test it on server as this bug happened online mostly.