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FSR 2015 Ace race format choices and discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Blair Disley, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Can all FSR 2015 Ace drivers, who are driving the full Ace season, please reply to this thread with your preferred race format option(s). You can select more than one option. I plan to make a decision this weekend.

    A) Same as 2014
    B)i Same as 2014 but reverse grid position would be the whole race 1 finish position, not just the top 8
    B)ii Same as 2014 but race 2 grid position would be reverse of entire Q1
    B)iii Same as 2014 but race 2 grid position would be reverse championship points order
    C) 80% race distance
    D) Your own format idea
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  2. A)
    I would take B)i as a backup - just for that fun :D
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  3. A)
  4. A) but reverse Top10 not 8(all point places)
  5. I don't think reverse the whole grid or q1 should be even considered. I don't see how people is going to battle for the last position, maybe some drivers will try to slow down or crash more often to get their bit of glory at race2.
  6. C)

    And yeah reversing Q or even the whole grid doesn't sound like a plan, too dangerous. Maybe a top 10 reverse?
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  7. OPTION C)
    for both L4R Team members racing in ACE (Enrico & Fabrizio)
  8. Torn between A and C, as alot of the ace drivers from last season said A was fun but C also opens up more strategy options in my opinion than 60% races did. B should never be considered.

    I will say C then A for my choices but don't mind either way.
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  9. Agree, I don't really like the B options, either. I'm ok with 8 drivers reversed, but for example to start from last if you win race 1 or Q1 is insane.
  10. C) Good to change to a similar race format to WC
    A) Last year format was very entertaining, even though i prefer C)
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  11. I prefer C) but A) is ok too.
  12. I vote for C, F1 cars are not done for sprint races.
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  13. D) i would like to see 2 races. with the lenght of 75% / 20 % or sth like that.
    Point is to force drivers to do more than 1 Stop in some races. (Malaysia e.g. would only work 2 stops. maybe 1 stop would work too but its not the fastest opportunity then)

    furhter more i would go with Georgs Proposal to reverse P1-P10 of Race 1 in the grid for race 2
  14. Primary: C
    Secondary: A
  15. A)
  16. I'm not an Ace driver but i would keep the sprint race with reversed top 10. The thrilling was just awesome, with overtakings, leaders who had to be agressive to take a gap in the championship etc... Well i hope the 2014 race format will be the same in 2015
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  17. It seems like most of the ´14 Ace drivers prefer A), while most of newcomers to the series prefer more usual format. Its up to anyone to answer why... ;)
  18. Main reason why it was opted for different format last year was to make Ace different from WC, it was too similar for many years and too many WC alien drivers preferred to race in Ace (which was hurting both WC and Ace). Oh well, at least it's not going to be 100% distance as it was before 2014.
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  19. C) I think P1 should finish "race weekend" as P1, P8 as P8 and P9 as P9; I think all other race formats can fake race results and even championships. I accept the possibility that a crash or a connection lost can fake them, but not rules.

    D) Let's organise 40 races about 1 lap. It would be very entartaining (to watch).
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  20. I'm not a driver but for the benefit of the broadcast I would pick (A)
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