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FSR 2014 Registration and How to

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Registrations for 2014 season are now open, visit FSR website. Below you can find a guide to help everyone who wants to participate in FSR to navigate their way around the labyrinth of this forum.

    1. Calendar

    Due to the lower number of races this year, there might be non-championship special event(s) organized during the season.

    2. Divisions, racetimes, costs

    FSR consists of 3 divisions arranged for different driver skills, see the structure here.

    3. Finding a team

    Now that you have all information, and after you determined which division is the one for you, you are ready to proceed to the next step: find a seat to race in. The easiest way for you is to try and join an existing team, as in general there are always teams looking for new drivers to add to their roosters.

    To check for open seats or present yourself as a candidate, make sure to check our "FSR Team & Driver Opportunities" Section.

    Alternatively you can start your own team in FSR, and you wont have to worry about finding a place in another team.

    4. Registering in FSR as a driver

    There are a few simple steps you have to follow to register yourself in FSR.

    1. Register at the FSR GPCOS system

    2. Once you are registered and your account has been validated (please be patient, it can a couple of days) log into your account, and in your "Personal Control Center" click on "Start driving". Select the team you will drive for and add the request. Now your team manager just has to accept the request and you are good to go.

    3. Allocation process for each race.
    It is mandatory to allocate for each race you drive in FSR, so the admins can know how many drivers will turn up to the possible Pre-Qualifying.

    To allocate for a race, log into your GPCOS account, and at the bottom of your "Personal Control Center" you will see the Leagues you drive in and in which team you are driving. Below is the button "Maintain driver allocations", click on it. Make sure you select the correct event (it´s important you allocate for the right event, else you might not be allowed to participate) and Allocation status and click "Add allocation".

    Repeat this procedure before each race. Make sure you do it before the deadline, which is specified in the rulebook for your category.

    5. Registering your team in FSR

    1. Register at the FSR GPCOS system

    2. Once you are registered and your account has been validated (please be patient, it can take a couple of days) log into your account, and in your "Personal Control Center" click on "Start managing a team" and enter all required data. A little sidenote, it's preferred that you also choose a "Team background color" and "Team foreground color" as these are the colors showing the numbers in the list of teams and drivers.

    Once your team has been validated by the admins (please be patient here as well) you will see a new area in your "Personal Control Center" called "Team owner options". There you have to click on "Maintain team requests for leagues" and add a request for the divisions you want to participate in with your team.

    Team request will only be validated once the license fees are paid.

    As a team in the Ace and Pro, you have to pay the licenses in the same process, for each team at once (teamlicense plus driverlicenses). To learn the exact procedure for payment visit this page: Registration Instructions

    Once you have paid the licenses your team request to the division will be accepted and your drivers can request their spot in the team. You can then see the car numbers for your team on this page.

    6. Preparing your cars

    Now that you have the drivers lined up in your team, you have to prepare your cars.

    This guide will go through the car painting process in detail. See this page for team numbers.

    The deadline for cars being included for the first race is the 5th April
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  2. Ive paid my team licence seperate as im not 100% on drivers yet can I have numbers so I can paint my car please
  3. My drivers will pay separated. How should I proceed?
  4. Hi, if it's an absolute must the drivers can be paid separate. Anyway same procedures with paypal as is described here. Numbers will arrive after the payments are confirmed to me, it usually takes a few days.
  5. john have you got my payment?
  6. same question
  7. It takes a few days as I'm not the person handling the paypal account. Now updated numbers and status here.
  8. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    When paying for more than 1 team, would you pay separately or pay for both at the same time? I would have imagined separately but just thought I'd ask to be sure.
  9. hey guys how can i pay for my drivers and team entries? Team name = Target Racing.

    waiting for procedures... thanks !
  10. The procedures are already there in the first post...


    Just click on the registration instructions link and it will link you to our website with the payment process + Paypal link.
  11. Hello Friends, I already done the payment (€32,00). Please check if everything is ok!

    Name: Sergio Luiz Rodrigues Sombra

    League: Pro League
    Team: Sinister Race Team
    Team Manager: Felipe Oliveira
    Driver 1: Felipe Oliveira
    Driver 2: Gean Celso
  12. Hi, looks good. There is 1-2 days delay before payment gets accepted. Will update status then.
  13. Can you confirm my payment? I need to send the carset with right numbers and structure

    Team Name: Mak Corp Racing Pro
    Driver: Pedro Delgado
  14. Hi,

    teams that haven't received numbers here, please e-mail a copy or screenshot of the paypal confirmation to isrclubpresident@formula-simracing.net including all information, and you will get the numbers within the next 2 hours. Sorry for the delay, it's simply out of my hands.
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  15. Can I
    1. License my team AND
    2. License myself as the only driver for that team?
    3. How do I pay in U.S. dollars (I only see option for Euros on Paypal)
  16. yes and use xe.com and work it out ;) but just put the amount in euros it will convert itself :)
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  17. Thanks Chris!
  18. 1. Yes
    2. Yes

    I assume you want to register for Pro series, so license payment would be 20€ (12+8€ team+driver).
  19. where can i find Personal Control Center
  20. No registrations processed at moment, there is no season running currently except fun-races with 1992 mod...