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FSR 2013 - Rfactor 2 or Assetto Corsa?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mo Selvarajah, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. we all know that the Kunos netkar pro/AC physics is a league ahead of crappy rfactor 2 (will be).

    So my question is this - now that AC will have a modding platform, will FSR be considering using AC next year?
  2. It's simply impossible to answer such question, because we don't know when rF2 will be gold, free of major bugs, and same problem with Assetto Corsa, with the handicap also that we don't know what are the modding possibilities of that game.

    If you ask me personally, I am much more exited about Assetto Corsa, Kunos is able to make better physics than ISI (imo) and they will have, apparently, a better graphics engine.
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  3. judging from previous Kunos games i would say modding will be a nightmare though and just opening the files wont make it any easier.

    I would put my money on rFactor 2, simply because there will be more content available which FSR can use. Or maybe another rFactor season ;)
  4. Assetto Corsa will be easily moddable, according to the devs.
  5. What else are they supposed to say to make mod teams use their title ;)
    Only once it´s out we´ll see how much truth is in that.
  6. That assetto corsa looks like pcars or whatever its called. Im always skeptical when i see a "sim" with such good looking graphics. :D
  7. Well, Stefano admitted that he never designed NetKar Pro to be moddable. Now it's different, they will also release some modding tools according to them.
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  8. They made NetKar pro, which is far superior than rFactor imo in car feel, plus Ferrari Virtual Academy and some professional simulators for racing teams.
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  9. I have no idea whats NetKar pro either but sound sweet :D
  10. Oh god, lol.... But yes, they are developping AC with modding in mind so... ;)
  11. Do you think that the drivers should vote for what they want?
  12. I think with FSR's prestige as a league, we should be able to make a good judgement on which software to use. I'm sure both lots of developers will want us to use their product so yes they are gonna hype it a bit but we should be able to get a rough idea of what the software will offer and whether it will offer that in time for 2013 season start by directly asking the development teams. I think FSR has the power to do that. I'm sure David and the others will be working on that too.

    Voting is normally a great idea but in this case I think that it would be impossible for us to know totally and accurately as drivers what will be the best option because its not just the physics, there's the modding side of things too and which would be easier to develop a good mod platform for so whilst as drivers I believe we will be able to and no doubt will offer advice, the final decision has to rest with those who can get deeper information from the developers about things such as modding and of course the mod team here at FSR will have a say too no doubt.
  13. Hmm i have a preference to RF2. but the slow development afraids me... still bug with realroad and the title has still a not complete tyre model ( [-2g:2g] is perfectly simulated but more than -/+2g it's still WIP : for renault clio it's ok, but for F1 i don't know )
  14. I will be an ex-president by then :D

    I think the decision should be taken by the administrators, after looking carefully the pros and cons of all options. Voting sounds nice and very democratic, as always, but not everybody has enough knowledge to decide, and I wouldn't be surprised also if some people votes X option because it's what his friend/team boss/whatever wants.

    It will be a special season, with the new games coming out. Probably we will loose also a part of the current "drivers market", because almost everybody owns rFactor, so it's easy to bring drivers now, but it won't be like that I believe with new games, it's like starting from 0. Here rF2 will have an advantage I guess, having already almost 1 year on beta stage.
  15. What would be nice is with FSR's prowess whether we could get the developers to provide the games at a discount to FSR drivers in return for some form of sponsorship or deal. Would that be possible? Might attract more drivers to follow to the new software.
  16. thank god there are key people here who recognise rf2's major flaws when it comes to how the car feels and what the car does, when over the limit.
    If it holds true that AC is good as a modding platform, i pray we use it...

    better feel. better ffb. better physics. and better graphics - and i'd have thought that if you're a modder or graphic artist, youd want to showcase your work in the best light possible. Since AC has better graphics (from what we've seen up to now) youd think they'd all jump to AC.

    i dont know though. im just glad that theres some support here to switch to AC, i was worried youd be rfactor fanboys..

    im just tired of rfactor and the way you have to drive it, learning when to apply throttle and by how much, rather than driving off feel. im just so happy that AC is actually being considered. its a start.
  17. I am very aware of your posts at ISI forums, mr hiohaa :D

    As I said, personally I expect more from AC, but we have very little information about crucial things; gold release, multiplayer stability, modding facilities, etc. Same applies for rF2, but at least here we have more information.
  18. Yeah and then we can ask Thrustmaster to give us 50% discounts to buy their steering wheels :D

    The truth is that developers don't care about leagues. Maybe you can get 3-5 licenses for promotion purposes, as RD did some time ago with rF2, but not more.
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  19. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Personally I think that the best Formula 1 car is currently in GSC. Problem might be how to get all the known F1 tracks in as they need to fit Reiza's system.

    Don't write rFactor 2 off in a beta stage please as that will be excellent as well once finalized.
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  20. yea but if its in beta for the beginning of the 2013 season and AC might be as well GSC Might be the only option or if not then back to rfactor 1 until both rF2 and AC is completed with no bugs whatsoever
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