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FSR 2013 Mod beta Feedback

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. Just one comment, at the moment we included only the Soft compound, harder compounds (at least one) will come out soon, once it's properly tested.
  2. Is there any official server to practice?
  3. Well, I'll give it a shot I think :)
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  4. I know, its just beta, but you have to work on the .mas file of the mclaren. There is still the problem with the liveries.

    Physics are fine in my opinion ...
  5. the official fsr mod will have all f1 cars?
  6. Yes.
  7. a ok thx
  8. What about wings, 20/20 the max settings. This is something new for me.
  9. Its just halved i think, feels so ...
  10. Have to say the new mod feels good. Good job to the mod guys. Physics are good.
  11. There is too much mechanical grip in my opinion. Im doing slow corners much faster than real f1 for example turn 9. Also the behaviour with full tank isn't good at all, im just loosing 4 seg by lap and in real f1 they loose like 8 seg (I don't know if this value can be changed). Also there is a huge diference between the fastest lap of the race and the quali lap. Just to finnish, im used to set a hard rear antiroll bar for being able to do quick movements without taking risks of loosing the car, but even with the max rear antiroll i loose the car if i do quick movements with the steering wheel (I don't know if its important but i was using 14 deg of block direction)

    BTW is the best mod if i ever tried :)
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  12. Well, I'm not exactly good with explaining technical stuff, but I think the car reacts a bit too much like a wooden plank on tires made of rock... Feels a bit weird to be honest.
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  13. Yep, the gap between qualy fuel and full tank isn't as big as in F1. I don't know the reasons, because it should be simply a matter of weight. I guess the different engine settings, fuel mixtures etc are at full in qualy mode, and they play with them in race... it's either that or rF doesn't model properly fuel weight. The 2011 mod had a similar problem, between Q2 and race start the gap was just about 3-4 seconds as well. One idea I have is to increase a bit more the fuel consumption, so we have to start with some extra fuel more than now.

    Regarding grip levels, keep in mind that this will be the softest compound of all, and they loose performance quite fast.
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  14. I think the grip levels are actually really nice bearing in mind it is the softest compound tyre. The sliding around and lack of grip is what F1 is seeing itself at the moment and if that's what we are trying to achieve then that has been done well. Personally I like the mod and think its an excellent job. If I was being super critical I'd say I can't get the FFB to have much feel at the moment with the settings in the upgrade menu but that's probably me rather than the mod. :p
  15. Thanks for answering David. Is there a posibility to make a mod for qualy and one for race? Cause in terms of the fuel mixture we can reduce the power of the car. Or even making drivers to run with the highest engine map (but arriving into 18000 rpm) to simulate the different fuel mixtures....

    The tire wear is really good, you can do 4 laps with the soft tiure and then are gone (well you can do some laps more but loosing time). BTW I still think that the mechanical is a bit high even for being a soft tire.
  16. That would have all kinds of logistical problems for the admins I would imagine. You'd have to change mod between sessions and that would introduce all number of things that could go wrong. Why make things more complicated than they need to be?
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  17. If not there is the other posibility, made drivers to drive in race with the race engine map.
  18. Im just giving posibilities to aproach even more to F1. Who doesn't want this mod to be like a F1 car? Its imposible to do it but we can aproach even more :)

    Congrats the modders for this work.