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FSR 2012 Season Info & Pricing & Registrations

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hello everybody,

    I would like to start by saying FSR will start the season with rFactor 1. Sadly, there are some inconveniences with rFactor 2, starting from lack of content: tracks are very difficult to convert currently and nobody knows when there will be a fix for that. Further there are no plugins, no tv style for broadcast and the tire model is far from completed. There are some other minor bugs and problems too. We consider that rFactor 2 at it’s current stage is not ready to be used in FSR as there is no way to ensure a top quality league. TOA and ISR board unanimously agreed. So we will start with rFactor again, and if rFactor 2 is ready soon, we will study to switch to the new game.
    The new mod will be based on the same cars as last year, that means Ferrari-Red Bull-Williams-Brawn GP from FSONE 2009, so teams can start working on their liveries. You can dowload the templates here (http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/templates-and-painting-instructions.24039/) The mod development group is already working on a new physics package for the 2012 mod, I hope we can release them as soon as possible.

    The league will remain with the same division system, with the following race times:
    -World Trophy: Saturday 14:00 GMT
    -World Series: Saturday 20:00 GMT
    -World Championship: 16:00 GMT

    The pricing of the 2012 season is:
    -WT : 12€/driver 10€/team
    -WS: 25€/driver 12€/team
    -WC: 60€/driver 120€/team (1 year on loan from the ISR Club)

    We have still some WC Team licenses, if you are interested please contact me privately here: isrclubpresident@formula-simracing.net

    The registration instructions will be updated soon in the website (Register Now button).

    Deadline for the team skins will be April 1st
  2. Registrations are open, click on "Register Now" on the FSR site or click here and follow the instructions :)
  3. WC: 60€/driver+120€/team......only a word ABSURD. This choise will destroy licensed team in FSR without any sponsor.
  4. Can you explain, please?
  5. Peppe misunderstood the WC team licenses, he thought they were meant for every team including license holders, don't worry. Maybe it could be made more clear that the WC team license price is for teams to rent a license from the ISR Club for the season.
  6. Edited, thank you Christian.

    Added deadline for the skins.
  7. Hi David,
    I am busy painting the skins for Canon racing and wondered when we get our team car numbers and the team abbreviation for the correct file names so I can complete the skins?
    Thanking you in advance.
  8. Hi Brian,

    I will try to open a new thread with the car numbers tomorrow.
  9. Kinda boring there´s been no information on how the mod is getting along and when we´re to expect it to go public. Season kick-off is just 4 weeks away and I´m sure many drivers are eagar to know what is up and when can we expect to have a car to drive?
  10. The mod is being tested internally, if the release date is a bit more late than previous years is because we started doing it for rFactor2 and we had to change.

    Anyway a beta version will be released quite soon, probably by the end of the week.
  11. Great, I knew it´s being tested internally. But I´m sure there are alot of people who have no clue whats going on so it´s good to keep people up to date and what to expect in terms of a timeframe :)